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Remember, this set is intended for general use--teams such as Chicago A, Chicago B, and Brown matched up on these questions, as did teams of all sorts of skill levels. It's important, middle-clue wise, to do what you suggest and include a lot of "in one of his works..." type clues that reward intricate knowledge of "Wise Blood" rather than title knowledge of "The Enduring Chill," but at the same time it's nice to reward truly deep knowledge at the beginning of the question. I'm not sure that restricting the clue space, even in leadins, to the best-known works is the way to accomplish that.
ReinsteinD wrote:The Newfoundland tossup could focus more on its geography and location, and less on its history.
That was a history question. It would be inappropriate distribution-wise to put in more than a token clue on geography.
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I'm not saying restrict the clue space on leadins. I'm saying shorten the leadins and lengthen the giveaways. If the top teams are playing against each other on these questions, then my advice has to be taken with a lot of moderation, if at all.