ITT, famous last words of CBI.

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ITT, famous last words of CBI.

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Every tossup ever written.
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Re: ITT, famous last words of CBI.

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ecks wrote:Every tossup ever written.
Did their question farm burn down or something?
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I heard their bonus mine collapsed like the beginning of Star Trek VI.
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I heard that Jason Mueller watched the end of Rambo II too many times, so in a moment of Luddite rage (wow I'm too fond of them lately) he went to the CBI master computer where all 38 of the answers they use are kept and just kept throwing shit.
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1/1 the most famous book written in Arabic.
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I heard, from a very reliable source, that they were told they could no longer use the ark of the covenent as their answer storage space, so their mother made them just throw away their answers as they had no place to put them.
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I heard that all questions on horse racing and television news personalities will be replaced with 12-line questions on fourteenth century Korean poets.
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