Elvis Presley Memorial Tournament at UW-Madison, 4/21/2007

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Elvis Presley Memorial Tournament at UW-Madison, 4/21/2007

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The University of Wisconsin-Madison will be resurrecting the Elvis Aaron Presley Memorial Tournament on Saturday April 21, 2006. This will be a packet submission tournament, the requirements for which are listed below. The base fee for the tournament will be $100 per team, though through applicable discounts this can be reduced to as low as $60. The discounts are as follows:
-working buzzer system: -$10 for one, -$5 for each additional system that is used
-moderator: -$20 for an experienced moderator
-second team from a school: -$10
-travel discount (taken off of the cost of school, rather than from each team from that school): -$10 for over 250 miles, -$20 for over 350 miles

Packet Requirements and Deadlines
We encourage all teams to submit their packets to us as early as possible, both to save your money and ensure that we can provide you with a higher quality of tournament. We guarantee that if you submit a packet that conforms to the requirements that we set forth, we will make every effort to include as many of your questions as possible. That being said, here are the deadlines:
-packet received by March 1: -$30
March 14: -$20
March 31: no fee
April 7: +$20
April 13: +40
after April 13: +60, and only with the TD's permission
We are aiming for a medium difficulty level on these questions, somewhere between ACF fall and ACF regionals, but with shorter questions. This means that we are instituting a 650 character limit on tossups, and ask that bonus lead-ins have no more than two lines. Please limit bonuses to no more than 4 parts and refrain from writing list or ordering bonuses. Each packet is expected to contain the following distribution of questions (tossups/bonuses):
24/24 Total
4/4 History, making sure to ask 1/1 pre-1000 CE, 2/2 1000-1900 CE, and 1/1 post 1900, no more than 1/1 military history
4/4 Literature, with 2/2 English language and 2/2 non English language
4/4 Science and Math, including 1/1 chemistry, 1/1 physics, 1/1 biology, and 1/1 other science or math (this includes earth sciences, astronomy, mathematics and computer science)
2/2 Fine Arts, this category includes music, painting, sculpture, drawing, dance, photography and film.
2/2 Social Science/Philosophy, make sure spread one's questions among the various disciplines encompassed by this category
1/1 Mythology/Religion
1/1 Popular culture
2/2 Geography, try to write about various aspects of geography, including physical, human, historical, and political
1/1 Current Events
1/1 Sports, not both about the same sport (unless that sport is basketball)
2/2 Miscellaneous academic, try to write questions that are multidisciplinary, or about topics that are not easily categorized into the standard quiz bowl distribution

In addition to these distribution requirements, each packet must include, as part of its 40 non science questions (20 tossups and 20 bonuses), a minimum of 10 questions about non-European, non-North American subject matter In keeping with the Elvis' illustrious history, try to include one non-traditional (visual, audio, or action) bonus in your question set.

Please send your packets to me, Gabriel Lyon, at [email protected]
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I found the Wisconsin people
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Elvis Update

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In the interest of attracting more teams, we have reduced the base fee for the Elvis to $85. As of today, the following teams have expressed interest:

Carleton 2-3 teams
Chicago 3-4
Minnesota 1-2
Rock Valley Community College 1
University of Illinois Springfield 1
Tim Hartman et al 1

We are, of course, looking for more teams, and the no penalty deadline for packets is rapidly approaching (March 31).

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How firm is that UIS team on coming, Gabe? That would be crazy, I have to know someone on that team.
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This past Saturday saw the college level quizbowl return to Madison for the first time since 2002, with the resurrection of the Elvis Tournament. Congratulations to Chicago A, who went undefeated in winning the tournament. The complete stats may be found here:
https://mywebspace.wisc.edu/glyon/Elvis ... niq=owb0n9

Thank you to all of the teams that attended, including Rock Valley Community College, which made its first appearance on the circuit, for generally putting up with the vast levels of incompetence that I showed in running my first college tournament, as well as to everyone who helped out with moderating and scorekeeping.

Gabriel Lyon
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The stats show that you gave 17 tossups correct to our team against Chicago C. We actually only got 7 tossups, and I believe that 10 tossups were accidentally attributed to a player who scored zero tossups in that game.
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Actually, the player credited with 10 tossups had one in that game, which was against Chicago D, not Chicago C. While we're pointing out details, our game against Chicago A shows Andrew with one tossup and me with none, while in fact it was the other way around.
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Looks like it was a good tourney with lots of good teams. Congrats on going undefeated yet again, Chicago A.