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ANNOUNCEMENT: Terrapin Invitational Tournament - 12/2 @ UMCP

Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 11:05 pm
by Mike Bentley
The Terrapin Invitational Tournament returns to the University of
Maryland in College Park on December 2 as part of the T&A weekend.

This will be an open tournament, so anyone willing to write a packet,
travel to Maryland and pay the registration fee is welcome to play.

Base Price: $100
Minimum fee per team: $70

Buzzers: $5 a system
Moderator: $10
Travel discounts may be available to teams who can convince me they
deserve one.

Submission timeline:
Submitted by September 30: -$30
Submitted by October 13: -$20
Submitted by October 27: -$10
Submitted by November 3: $0
Submitted by November 10: +$10
Submitted by November 17: +$20
Submitted by November 22: +$30
No packet submitted: +$50


We are looking for 25/25 questions, distributed as follows:
4/4 History
4/4 Science
4/4 Literature
3/3 RMP
3/3 Fine Arts
2/2 Social Science / Geography
2/2 Trash / Current Events / General Knowledge
3/3 Your Choice (at least 1/1 H/S/L and 1/1 non H/S/L, limit 1/1 per
category as described above)

As always, try to write about a variety of topics within each
category, considering region, subject, time, and medium. Submit your
packets to the Tournament Director (see below).

Question difficulty: we would like this tournament to be accessible to
newer players, but also enough of a challenge for more seasoned folk,
so aim difficulty somewhere around the level of ACF Fall. For
example, a science toss-up on the Calvin Cycle would be grand, but one
on cyclic adenosine mono phosphate would not.

Please direct registrations and questions to Tournament Director Ali
Daniels at [email protected] [danielsa (at) umd (dot) edu].

Further logistical details will be sent out to registered teams closer
to the tournament.

If you are interested in mirroring this event or would like to acquire
the packets for practice purposes afterwards (i.e. email Casey after the
tournament if you want the questions for practice), please email Casey at [email protected] [crettere (at) umd (dot) edu].

Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2006 6:16 pm
by Mr. Kwalter
Who's editing TIT this year?

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2006 3:41 pm
by Mike Bentley
I'm not entirely sure yet. I'll update when I get a confirmed answer.

Posted: Tue Oct 03, 2006 9:12 pm
by Mike Bentley
Jonathan Maggin will be one of the editors for TIT this year. There will almost certainly be at least one other person helping out with editting, but we haven't worked that out yet.

Also, for anyone going to this tournament also consider staying for the Atlantic Seaboard Skrimage on Sunday, which will promise to be an entertaining trash tournament (see the announcement for that on the trash page).

Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2006 12:05 am
by magin
As of now, the field for TIT is:

GW (2)

Also, as a reminder, the no penalty deadline for packets is by midnight Nov. 3. I don't think the original announcement mentioned freelance packets, but they are welcome. If people have any questions about the tournament, feel free to email me (Jonathan Magin) at [email protected]. Additionally, teams can also send packets to me at the above address.