Technophobia Eleven: There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom...

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Technophobia Eleven: There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom...

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TECHNOPHOBIA ELEVEN: There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom of the Quizbowl Talent Pool, the eleventh annual Caltech Quiz Bowl college invitational tournament, will be tentatively (pending negotiation with UCLA over TWAIN) held the weekend of OCTOBER 14, 2006.

This year, Technophobia is mirroring Princeton's PARFAIT, so there will be no packet-submission. The tournament will begin at 9:30 AM, probably located in Baxter Hall, so please arrive by 9 AM, and will end sometime Saturday evening. Signups will close on October 7, 2006.

The basic fee structure is:

Technophobia Eleven: $100
Second and subsequent teams: -$15
Working buzzer system: -$5 each
Visible clock: +$10 each [it's an untimed tournament, you nimrod]
Experienced moderator: -$15

The tournament is open to all adults, whether they are or have ever been college students or graduates, but high school teams will not be admitted except by special (and unlikely) dispensation by the Tournament Director.

The contact person for the tournament is Yan Zhang (yzhang at caltech dot edu). You may also contact the quizbowl team (quizbowl at caltech dot edu) with questions. Thank you for looking, and we look forward to seeing you at Technophobia v.11!
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