Where's My Forbidden Zone

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Where's My Forbidden Zone

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As some of you may know, the Forbidden Zone was home to many posts which overly uptight board moderators deemed "inappropriate." Of course, it was also home to worthless spam, which for some reason was intermingled with important posts about robots, pistachios, and E. Thomas Chuck's cat. But that's not important now. What is important is, it's gone! WTF!!!!

I, and several others who went about the task, have not yet been able to find an archive of the Forbidden Zone. If anyone is able to retrieve a previously saved copy, or access it through web archive, please do so. As the policies of this forum suggest, erasure after the fact is thoughless at best and malicious at worst. This Zone became a major venue for quiz bowl, and then it was apparently deleted on a whim, after many bent over backwards to fill it with delightful whimsy.
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With a dry, cool wit like that, you could be an action hero. Also, everything after EricKwartlergirlfriendproxy kind of pales in comparison.
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I don't know, the roster of potential action heroes from the University of Chicago is kind of scary.

New Milton Friedman action figure! Now with twice the power to destroy Latin American economies! Complete with a prominent M1 across the chest.

Wow! The latest Leo Strauss comic book has hit the shelves. Now you too, can set about laying the foundation for blundering ideologues to mire the nation in foreign catastrophes! And with awesome onomatopoeia too!
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It's back. Good news for all Rush Limbaugh wannabes!