UGA Yale Mirror/Tournament by the Sea III Weekend 3/11-12/06

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UGA Yale Mirror/Tournament by the Sea III Weekend 3/11-12/06

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TOURNAMENT BY THE SEA III: Kiss my Astor- Jekyll Island, GA March 11, 2006-

Fees: There is a flat fee of $90 per team. Teams must submit a packet before March 4, 2006, in order to play.

Times: Play should start around 9am and last until about 5pm. There will be at least a round robin of teams. If we’re able to get some packets from other tournaments, there will be a playoff of some sort.

Hotels: At this time, we have yet to hear from hotels in the area. As soon as we get some quotes, we will let you know. As always, you’

Location: This year, the tournament will be held in Conference Rooms 4-7 in the main hall of the Jekyll Island Convention (which is on the opposite side of Beachside Hall, our traditional location).

Teams thus far (we can only take 9 teams due to limited playing space):
2-Georgia Perimeter

As always, we’ll have the lame/claims, foul-outs, style points and some game show halftimes- everything you’ve come to expect at TBS, as well as a new element in the game.

Bulldogs over Beachside [BoB] (Academic), March 12, 2006- This year, we're adding an academic tournament to the Jekyll weekend. This year, it’s the mirror of Yale’s Bulldogs Over Broadway tournament (you may remember announcements for UGA’s version: Bulldogs over Broad St- given the location, it’s now Bulldogs over Beachside). Our mirror was to be on January 28th, but scheduling conflicts made us move it to Jekyll weekend, which fits nicely.

There is no packet submission, as all packets are courtesy of the Yale team. Therefore, a flat fee of $95 is all it takes to take part.

Location: Rooms 4-7 of the Main Hall at the Jekyll Convention Center

Times: First round should get underway around 830am or so to allow for teams with long drives some daylight on the way back. We hope to be done around 4pm (lunch break included).

Teams: So far, we have
3- GPC*

*It's possible Florida and GPC may enter teams as well, so assume we have four teams thus far until we know officially.
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With a little over a week to go....

Here are the teams for TBS III and BoB. If this has changed,please let me know.

1- UGA (Arlo Lyle)
2- UGA (Noah Mink (?)
3- Florida (with special guest traitor, I mean player, Mark Franklin)
4- Jeff Sherman
5- S FL-A
6- S FL-B
7- Team Hack
8- Dave Leach or UTC
9- Macon State

I need to try to have an odd number of teams for bye purposes.I can always consolodate singles and doubles into groups if need be. I also need to know two VERY IMPORTANT items right now:

1-Are you still coming?
2-What is you update on the packet? and 2a- Do you see youself getting it to me on time?

If 2a is no, then please let me know if you'll copy four sets for the rooms. Keep in mind after 4pm Friday March 10, I wont be near a copier, so thats why I need the packets ASAP.

Cancel Bowl is giving us at least one packet, but Im hoping for a few more. If you happen to be supplying packets to Cancel Bowl, please send a copy my way at the email listed at the bottom.

And of course, we'll have the third installment of Mark Franklin's Time-Life Strife Music Rounds. The Sand Gnat Mini-Golf tournament may or may not take place this year due to the addition of BoB.

Now on to Beachside. Here is who I have coming:

1- UGA (Arlo)
2- S FL A
3- S FL B
4- Macon State
5- Furman
6- FSU
7-UGA (Noah)
8- UTC (?)

While we do have two extra spots, I have 12 rounds from Yale, so we can do a double RR, a single RR with split playoffs, or whatever. There's no need for byes, but they can be helpful.

Also, I need to know if you are still planning on coming to BoB (this is mainly aimed at Furman, as they are the only ones not coming to TBS III).

For those coming to TBS, please get those packets either into me soon or tell youre going to run off four sets and bring them with you.

And now, some reminders about Jekyll Island (or, if you're new to the area, some hepful hints):

1- It will cost you $3 (at last time I checked) for EACH TIME you to enter onto Jekyll Island. There are weekend passes if you see yourself coming on and off alot (esp if you're staying on the island). There are plenty of hotels in Brunswick and St. Simon's, which are about 15 miles from Jekyll.

2- Food- Here's a link for lunch choices for TBS and BoB. Keep in mind there arent THAT many close eateries on the island, but they are good. I recommend SeeJay's*. And also some new news- there's a Denny's on the island. Zach's and Zachary's are across from the Convention Center. ... g-118.html

*In fact, after TBS III, I'd like for anyone who wants to come join us at SeeJay's for their Low Country Boil Dinner. It's rather good form what I hear.

3-Other events- Keep in mind there will be other events at the Center and the Island, including a state soccer tournament down on the south end of the island. In the last two years, we've had a classic car show, a national dance competition, an RV show AND (my fav) a wedding reception not even 20 yards away from the tournament. Parking may be at a premium. My suggestion is park to the left of the convention center.

4-Change in location- speaking of left side...the tournament is being held this yea in the conference rooms 4-8 next to the main hall of the convention center (if you were there last year, it was where the national dance competition was) and NOT in our traditional space, Beachside Hall. It's the side of the building with the flagpoles. I'll try to have signs up leading the way.

5- Directions to Jekyll- Get off of I-95 at exit 29. Head east from I95 for about ten miles or so until you see the signs for Jekyll on the right (if you start going up a huge bridge, you've gone too far). Take the causeway to the Island.
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In case anyone cares...

Bulldogs over Beachside Results:
(mirror of the Yale BoB tournament)

1) USF A
2) FSU
3) UGA A
4) USF B
5) UGA B

1) Billy (FSU)
2) Ahmad (USF A)
3) Rob (USF A)
4) Noah (UGA A)

I assume we can discuss the questions now?
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Yeah....I guess so, seeing as we were the last people to use the questions.

I'll post TBS and Beachside stats once I enter them in SQBS.

BTW here are the TBS III results:

1- Some Dudes (Franklin-Florida)
2- Peaches to the Beaches, yo (SFL-A)

real results coming soon....