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NAQT SE SCT Update (Dec 29, 2005)

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2005 3:53 pm
by UGAQuizdogs
As of today, here is a list of teams attending the NAQT SE SCT in Athens. Please note these are preliminary numbers and will most likely change several hundred times before Feb 10th:

Div I:

Florida (2- 1 UG, 1 mixed)

Div II:
Florida (2)
Shorter College

Obviously, there is still plenty of time and we have yet to hear form the usual suspects.

Here is the fee schedule again (as stated by NAQT):

$120 for the first team
$100 for each additional team (Div I and Div II)

$95 for a school who has never attended an NAQT Sectional (no discounts will apply)


Buzzer: -$5 (maximum two buzzers for -$10)

Reader: -$5

Travel discounts:
101-200 miles: -$5
201+ miles: -$10

Registration deadline: 11-59-59pm Friday February 3, 2006

LOCATION: There are two possible sites for this year’s competition: the SLC on the UGA Campus (our typical location-but they now charge for rooms) or Cedar Shoals HS (1300 Cedar Shoals Drive Athens 30605 for your MapQuesting pleasure- it’s about 3 miles from the UGA campus), which doesn’t charge for rooms. We will let you which one we’re able to get.

HOTEL: We have worked out a deal with the Athens Holiday Inn (located diagonally across from Downtown Athens) for 15 rooms for the night of Feb 10 and 7 rooms for the night of Feb 11. The rate is $80/night plus taxes. The deadline for securing your room is three weeks prior to the date, which is January 20, 2006. All rooms are twin beds and non-smoking Courtyard rooms (outside access).
Please call 706-549-4433 to reserve your rooms.

TRASH ON SUNDAY?: If there is some interest, we would like to host what could be the first ever “NAQT Detoxâ€

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2006 11:11 pm
by UGAQuizdogs
As of Jan 20, here is the latest update for the NAQT SE SCT in Athens, Feb 11, 2006:

Note: this list isn't chisled in stone (**= first timers to the NAQT SE SCT)

Div I (5 teams thus far):
Florida (2- 1 UG, 1 mixed)
South FL
South Carolina

Div II (8 teams thus far):
Florida (2)
North Greenville Univ**
Macon State

Confirmed coming, Div unknown:
NC State

Still hoping to hear from (if some of these still have teams):
Southern VA

NAQT Detox (3 teams thus far): NOTE: you must submit a packet to play, as Tulsa has decided not to host their NAQT Detox- ergo, no packet swap.

Georgia Alumni

*To the people at Tulane: I noticed your post on Yahoo and have emailed your contact. However, if you see this, I'm willing to waive your entry fee (and cover it myself) or discount your fee heavily (if you wish) to give you some breathing room in the finance department.

WHoever is involved in Tulane, just email the team ([email protected]) and we'll work out a deal.

Also, the UGA CBAT can accpet payments via PayPal. If you wish to use this format, please email the team for details.

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2006 9:43 pm
by wwellington
I believe we're planning on going to the SCT at Maryland.

Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2006 1:29 pm
by UGAQuizdogs