Summer Mixed Open Mirror Tournament in Orlando (6/30)

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Summer Mixed Open Mirror Tournament in Orlando (6/30)

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Hello everybody!

On June 30th, we’ll be mirroring SuMO here in Orlando. Just like the Tennessee site, we’ll be using SSNCT, we’ll be using matched doubles, and there will be a prize pool for teams that do well.

To elaborate on the above, you sign up with one other person, making a team of two. The morning of, I’ll randomly(-ish) match you with a different pair. That’s how you get your team.

This is an open, so anyone is welcome to play. Bring your graduated friends, curious staff advisors, parents, pets, or anyone else who didn’t attend SSNCT.

There is a prize pool. I’m hesitant to say exactly what percentage will go to which team until I have a better idea of what the field will be (I don’t want to give 10% to the 4th place team if we end up with 4 teams), but there should be cash prizes for teams that do well. The prize pool will be all of the entry fees minus mirror fees, book prizes, and staff lunches.

It’ll be at UCF, on the first floor of Business Administration 1 (the usual quiz bowl building). We’re kicking off at 9:30 sharp. I think that I’m the only TD in Florida to start round 1 without a team in the last 5 years, so you’ve been warned.

The entry fee is going to be $30/pair or $60/team of 4. Please email me if you’d like to register. I’m Bradleykirksey [at] Yahoo [dot] com

Hopefully I’ll see you all soon!
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