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WIT XIII NE Mirror at Harvard

Posted: Fri Sep 30, 2005 12:14 am
by fjkelly6112
Hi everyone,

Sorry this is coming so late, but we had some issues with securing room reservations. Nevertheless, our mirror of Berkeley's WIT tournament will be held at Harvard on Saturday, October 15th in the Science Center.

For more information on the tournament go here:

Our fee structure will look like this:

$100 base fee.
-$10 more than one team.(cumulative starting with the 2nd team)
-$10 PER buzzer system.(just for one team's entry fee)

That last one is to highlight the fact that we need you to bring operational buzzer systems. We'll probably have enough moderators, so we won't give a discount for them. I'll still appreciate any volunteers who want to come and help out, though.

Please email any questions you have to

fkelly at fas dot harvard dot edu

See you there,