will there be a WIT mirror at Harvard on October 8th?

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will there be a WIT mirror at Harvard on October 8th?

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From personal communication and an announcement at the Heinrich Bowl mirror last weekend, I understood that Harvard was going to run a mirror of WIT next weekend (not this coming weekend). I've tried to contact Frank Kelly about it but have not heard anything back. Can someone confirm or deny this, please?
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I too contacted Frank and have yet to hear back. I'd be interested in a fee structure and further info for funding purposes if someone knows of anything.
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sorry about the late reply, everyone. i just got screwed by the harvard debate team, who apparently holds more clout than we do and can reserve virtually all of harvard yard at once.

i contacted Paul Reverdy about holding the tournament the following weekend, though. i was able to get rooms for that, so pending his ok the tournament will be on for that weekend.

details will follow, but i'll probably offer a similar fee structure to his (maybe a little cheaper base price, but no packet discounts since you guys won't be writing stuff..)

i'll keep you posted,

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