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Center of the Known Universe Open at UTC 10/22/05

Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2005 4:43 pm
by Your Genial Quizmaster
(Apologies for the inevitable cross-posting.)

The UTC Academic Trivia Association will host its 8th annual Center of the Known Universe Open in scenic Chattanooga, TN. COTKU is a one-day collegiate academic quizbowl tournament Sat., Oct. 22, 2005. It will once again be followed by a trash tournament, the Big Lots Clearance Open, on Sun., Oct. 23 [separate announcement to follow.]

ELIGIBILITY: This is intended as a collegiate tournament, with the field split into two divisions. Multiple teams may participate from the same school, but players on any given team must be enrolled in the same school, and we can't accommodate switching from one team to another during the tournament.
We will consider allowing open exhibition teams to play -- but only when we know what to expect in terms of field size, available officials, etc. If you are interested in fielding an open team, let me know and I will keep you advised.

DIVISION II ELIGIBILITY: Division II will be open to teams from 2-year or 4-year colleges/universities composed entirely of freshmen and/or sophomores and/or upperclassmen in their first or second year [academic calendar] of intercollegiate quizbowl competition.
(Note #1: since the untimed game and ACF-style format differs so greatly from the CBI style, participation in CBI and HCASC tournaments will *not* be counted as previous intercollegiate experience. Note #2: Teams which have players with limited experience that technically stretches out across more than two years may still be ruled D II eligible. If your team is in such a situation, contact me with the details -- how many players, how much experience, etc. Div. II eligibility for such schools will be considered on a case-by-case basis.)

FORMAT: This will be modified or "softcore" ACF style, meaning untimed rounds of 20 tossups (worth 10 pts. each) and up to 20 bonuses (worth a possible 30 pts. each.) Questions will be distributed across various academic categories, with a smattering of pop culture thrown in.

FIELD SIZE: Owing to the number of readers expected, we have tentatively capped the field at 36 teams. If we get more readers we may be able to expand this, but I think it's unlikely we'll need to.

SCHEDULE: Registration will begin at 9:00 EST Saturday 10/22/05, with announcements at 9:45 and the tournament beginning at 10. I'll have a better idea of when it will end when I have a better idea of the size of the field, but typically we'll be finished or at least down to the finals by 8 PM.

LOCATION: Tournament headquarters will be in Grote Hall on the UT-Chattanooga campus, with matches in Grote and either Brock or Holt Hall. We anticipate that tournament HQ will once again be 129 Grote Hall, but that room was recently closed for repairs, so backup HQ will be across the hall in Grote 131.

Base fee per team: $80. **This assumes a packet meeting the guidelines below is submitted by Friday, Oct. 7.**

Minimum fee after discounts: $50 (with one exception noted below.)

Discounts --
Working lockout buzzer system: -$5 (1 discount per team; if you bring a 2nd buzzer and we actually need to use it we'll knock off another $5)
Experienced reader: will be given their choice of $10 off the fee, or the same bribe we offer our house readers, dinner at Provino's. (Guess which one they'll take.) This offer also applies to those who commit as full-time readers for the Big Lots trash tournament on 10/23.
Additional teams from same school: -$10
Freelance high school questions submitted by Thurs., Sept. 15: -$15 for full round, or -$5 for each group of 8 tossups and 8 bonuses. These must be new, original questions suitable for high school and high school JV use, and must not have been heard in any other location [we are exchanging the high school set for use in at least three other states.]

Half packet submitted by the Oct. 7 deadline instead of full packet: +$10 penalty
Full packet received after 10/7 but before Fri., Oct. 14: +$10 penalty
Half packet received after 10/7 but before Fri., Oct. 14: +$20 penalty
No questions submitted at all: +$40 penalty for A & B teams from a given school, +$20 for C teams et seq. [This is not purely mercenary on our part. For one thing, we always need more questions, but for another, we want every team to develop their question-writing skills.]

There's another way to earn an extra discount, and this one can take your fees down to a minimum of $0: We need readers for our high school tournament on Sat., Oct. 1 and will knock $20 off your fees for each official you provide that day.

PACKET GUIDELINES: First of all, *questions must be blind to all other teams, including the other teams from your school.* In some cases we can make exceptions, but PLEASE check with me first.

It's not mandatory, but it'll make life easier on me if you can e-mail the packet as either an MS Word or RTF file, if the essential parts of the answer are in bold, and if you insert the word "Answer:" before each answer. To encourage participation by Division II teams, we prefer a degree of difficulty considered easy to moderate by current invitational standards. While not beginning with giveaway clues, most tossups should be answerable by most teams by the end of the question. Bonuses should be such that a novice team stands a good chance of getting at least 10 pts., a good team 20, and the best teams all 30 pts.

DISTRIBUTION: For a full packet, we ask for 25 tossups and 25 bonuses per packet, distributed as follows below. For a half packet, we ask for 13 tossups and 12 bonuses, distributed across the same categories:

Literature 5 for full packet, 2-3 for half packet
Recommended for full packet: at least 2 20th century, at least 2 pre-20th century; at least 2 U.S./Canadian, at least 2 non-U.S./Canadian

Sciences 5 for full packet, 2-3 for half packet
Required for full packet: at least 1 each of biology, physics, and chemistry

History 5 for full packet, 2-3 for half packet
Recommended for full packet: at least 2 20th century, at least 2 pre-20th century; at least 2 U.S./Canadian, at least 2 non-U.S./Canadian

The remainder should contain at least 1 each and no more than 3 of:
Fine arts
Social sciences incl. geography
Popular culture

General knowledge/interdisciplinary questions are OK but purely optional.

[Note: For high school rounds, each round should include at least 1 each of geography and math/computer science.]

Tossups -- average length 3 sentences. We want questions that begin with lesser-known details and gradually get easier. And please don't violate the pronoun rule -- e.g.,, if your first pronoun is "He..." the answer should be a person, not a title.
Bonuses -- all bonuses worth a possible 30 pts.; no single-part all-or-nothing bonuses. We don't want 6-part bonuses unless they're very, very short, and even then use sparingly. Also use the 30-20-10 format sparingly.

ACCOMMODATIONS: The Clarion Hotel downtown offers a discount rate ($66/night) if you tell them you're with the UTC quizbowl tournament. The Clarion's number is (423) 756-5150.

Come towards downtown Chattanooga on I-24. Take the freeway splitoff labeled US 27 North - Downtown Chattanooga. Follow US 27 North to Exit 1A, 4th St. (Don't worry about which way to turn on 4th St. - it only goes one way.) Follow 4th St.about ½ mile. Shortly after you see the McKenzie (UTC) Arena on your right, 4th St. will bear slightly left and merge with 3rd St. Once you pass the cemetery on your right, turn at the 2nd street to the right, Palmetto St. Go two blocks and turn right on Vine St. Follow it to the last available parking lot on your right before the road is closed. Grote is the building closest to that parking lot. Enter at the back door by the dumpster; tournament HQ will be Grote 129 (we hope.)

WHO'S IN CHARGE HERE: Same as it ever was -- the tournament director is Charlie Steinhice. If you have any questions, I can be reached at (423) 877-2706 or 504-8255, or by e-mail at steinhic [at] bellsouth [dot] net.

COTKU 10/22/05 and Big Lots 10/23/05: field updates, etc.

Posted: Fri Oct 07, 2005 7:35 pm
by Your Genial Quizmaster
As you probably already know, UTC has two quizbowl tournaments coming up later this month -- the Center of the Known Universe Open (intercollegiate academic quizbowl) On Sat., Oct., 22, and the Big Lots Clearance Open (open trash tournament, mirroring the outstanding FOGHAT tournament) on Sun., Oct. 23.

In the past 72 hours the field expected for COTKU has doubled to aat least 24, with several of the usual suspects still to be heard from. A tentative field for each tournament is below, but first a quick reminder re schedule:

Saturday AM 10/22 -- headquarters is Grote 129; registration starts at 9 AM EDT, announcements at 9:45, game on at 10, Provino's sometime around 9 PM
Sun. 10/23 -- headquarters will probably be Holt 124; registration starts at 8:30 AM EDT, game on at 9 AM.

As for Big Lots, we have 5-6 teams but again haven't heard from many of the usual suspects. If you're interested in playing as a free agent or have a potential team in need of free agent help, please let me know and we'll spread the word.

Let me know [steinhic at bellsouth dot net] if you have any additions or corrections to the lists below, or if you need to know anything else about the tournaments. Hope you can join us!

COTKU 10/22:
Berry 1 (division unknown)
Central Florida C.C. (number and divisions unknown, but their business office asked how to make the check payable, so I presume they're coming)
Dalton State 1 (Div. II)
Emory 2 (1 Div. I, 1 Div. II)
Florida 2 (1 Div. I, 1 Div. II)
Florida State 2 (divisions unknown)
Georgia Tech 1-2 (at least 1 Div. I)
Kentucky 2-3 (1 Div, I, others unknown)
Louisville 2 (both Div. II)
Macon State 1 (Div. II)
South Carolina 1 (Div. I)
Tennessee 2 (divisions unknown)
Tennessee State 1 (Div. II)
UTC 2-3 (1 Div. I, 1-2 Div. II)
Valdosta State 1 (Div. I)
Virginia Tech 2 (1 Div. I, 1 Div. II)

BIG LOTS 10/23:
Macon State
Virginia Tech (1-2)
Kearney et al.
Helton et al.

Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2005 2:16 pm
by MiltonPlayer47
I am pretty sure FSU will have one team in div I and one team in div II.

COTKU and Big Lots: field updates

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2005 2:29 am
by Your Genial Quizmaster
(Apologies for the inevitable dreaded cross-posting.)

Here's an update on the quizbowl tournaments at UT-Chattanooga this weekend. Looks like we have a crowd coming. Additional readers and scorekeepers are eagerly sought and (per UTC custom) all officials will be treated to dinner at Provino's.

Right now we are expecting 30-32 teams for COTKU. My best guess is 13-14 teams in Div. I and 16-18 teams in Div. II. (This does include two house teams from UTC, which we may have to pull from the field to guarantee enough readers -- we'll see.)

We also expect 7-8 teams for the Big Lots trash tournament on Sunday (with room for plenty more teams and/or free agents if you still wish to sign up -- just let me know!)

Schedule reminders:
COTKU (academic) Saturday AM 10/22 -- headquarters is Grote 129; registration starts at 9 AM EDT, announcements at 9:45, game on at 10, Provino's sometime around 9 PM
Big Lots (trash) Sun. 10/23 -- headquarters will probably be Holt 124; registration starts at 8:30 AM EDT, game on at 9 AM. Remember to send me your trashy team names in advance if you want them reflected on the schedule.

Here are the fields as I have them. Please e-mail me at steinhic [at] bellsouth [dot] net with any additions, corrections or changes:

COTKU 10/22:
Athens State 1 (Div. II)
Berry 1 (division unknown)
Central Florida C.C. 1 (Div. II)
Dalton State 1 (Div. II)
Emory 2 (1 Div. I, 1 Div. II)
Florida 2 (1 Div. I, 1 Div. II)
Florida State 2 (1 Div. I, 1 Div. II)
Georgia Tech 1-2 (at least 1 Div. I)
Kentucky 3 (2 Div, I, 1 Div. II)
Louisville 2 (both Div. II)
Macon State 1 (Div. II)
Oxford College 1-2 (Div. II)
South Carolina 1 (Div. I)
Tennessee 2 (divisions unknown)
Tennessee State 1 (Div. II)
UTC 2 (1 Div. I, 1 Div. II)
Valdosta State 1 (Div. I)
Vanderbilt 2 (1 Div. I, 1 Div. II)
Virginia Tech 2 (1 Div. I, 1 Div. II)
Wofford 1 (Div. I)

BIG LOTS 10/23:
Macon State
Virginia Tech (1-2)
Kearney et al.
Helton et al.
Dion et al.

Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 12:10 am
by MiltonPlayer47
It was a great tournament today. Thanks again to Charlie and everyone else who helped run it.

Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 1:53 pm
by wd4gdz
Partial Results:

Div 1:
1) Vandy A
2) Florida State A
3) Seth Kendall
4) Georgia Tech A

Vandy beat FSU (280-240) in an exciting match that came down to the last question.

Thank you Charlie and the rest of the UTC crew for putting on another great tournament.


Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 6:04 pm
by vandyhawk
I'll also say thanks to Charlie et. al. for a fun day of competition. It ran smoothly for the most part after a late start (due to a team not showing and some other switching around), and the questions seemed to be at a consistent difficulty level all day. The actual quality of questions was pretty good, though a couple rounds had a few too many vague leadins followed by buzzer races, or were just too obvious from the beginning. A couple other minor points about science - too much taxonomy and astronomy, and a few too many "name the element" chemistry tossups. On the whole, though, it was an enjoyable set for an early tournament, especially given the wide variety of experience and general lateness in teams submitting rounds.

Our final match against Florida State was indeed an exciting one, and it's kind of amusing to be able to say that I got chlamydia to seal the win...


Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 6:52 pm
by ericblair
It was an excellent tournament indeed. This was the first ACF-style tournament that my school, Georgetown College, has attended and I must say that we had a lot of fun in the Division 2 ranks. The questions were ideal except for the 60s music bonus of the finals. =D Perhaps, we'll come to more of these in the future.

I'm a little curious to know the 3rd and 4th place finishers in Div 2. Could someone post the results for that?

Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 7:04 pm
by vandyhawk
Vandy B won the 3rd place match on the final question, I believe over Florida B. They said it was tied after 19 questions, then one of our guys got Plato's Academy on like 5 words to win it.

Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 9:25 pm
by MCDoug
Good job Vandy B, Georgia Tech B, and Georgetown College (welcome to the college game). Indeed, it was Florida B that both of your teams beat by narrow margins. I was also not a fan of the 60's music bonus (our team got the Turtles and that was it for 5 points). I would say something more to this point, but I think everyone that played our team already knows my feelings on "trash" questions.

And just for anyone who wants to know, the final tossup went like this: "Quote, let only those enter who" buzz. (or something like that)

Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2005 9:32 am
by kelli
I would just like to say that I am not Kelly Barone, as our pack was labeled, but in fact, Kelli Wood :)

The main thing I didn't like was the repeats- a certain scientist came up 4 or 5 times.

Also, I found it unfortunate that our team was read to by a reader from the team that had a bye 6 out of the 8 rounds before the playoffs. Nothing against the people who were trying to read for us, but many of the rounds the readers didn't know how to deal with the bonus, or just couldn't read coherently at all, causing many errors in our rounds. I just felt like our team drove a really long way to have unexperianced readers for half of the day.

Overall though, it was a fun day.

Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2005 4:05 pm
by MiltonPlayer47
The repeats were a problem, and there were some bad packets, but I was actually pleased with the readers. In fact, in the five years I have been doing quiz bowl, this might be the only tournament I have ever been to where there was not at least one reader whom I couldn't stand.

Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2005 5:03 pm
by kelli
Ya, the readers that were from UTC were great, its just that we happened to get stuck in the rounds with readers from the teams on their bye 6 out of the 8 round-robin matches.

Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2005 10:54 pm
by wd4gdz
Listed below is a link to some of the tossups I wrote for the 2005 CotKU tournament. If you have time, feel free to look over it.

If any of you sageful veterans have any constructive criticism about the packet, please let me know, either on here, or via e-mail.


Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2005 11:12 pm
by MiltonPlayer47
wd4gdz wrote:Listed below is a link to some of the tossups I wrote for the 2005 CotKU tournament. If you have time, feel free to look over it.

If any of you sageful veterans have any constructive criticism about the packet, please let me know, either on here, or via e-mail.

Since we go to the same school, I'll say it: Your pack wasn't one of the better ones that was used in the tournament (at least not the twenty that ended up being used, anyway).

Posted: Wed Oct 26, 2005 2:50 am
by ericblair
wd4gdz wrote:Listed below is a link to some of the tossups I wrote for the 2005 CotKU tournament. If you have time, feel free to look over it.

If any of you sageful veterans have any constructive criticism about the packet, please let me know, either on here, or via e-mail.

I thought the Don Giovanni question was given away to early with Leporello and The Good Earth question as well with the trilogy clue. Leporello is the sort of clue I think of as coming just before the FTP.

The Good Earth question seemed rather faulty to me. A more difficult clue should have been given from the opening and the trilogy clue should have come in the second sentence. Wang Lun should've been incorporated after the FTP, especially for a high school tournament.

Everything else seemed to be fine. I really enjoyed this packet. I think this was the round with the "Bands that have played free concerts at Florida State" bonus. I was happy to hear something come up about Underoath. =D

COTKU 2005: full results, stats, gratitude

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 1:52 am
by Your Genial Quizmaster
Congratulations to Vanderbilt A and Georgetown College, Division I and Division II winners (respectively) at the 8th annual Center of the Known Universe Open. COTKU was held at UT-Chattanooga on Sat., Oct. 22, 2005. It broke the record for UTC tournaments for most colleges & universities participating with 22, including three (Georgetown College, Louisville, and Valdosta State) attending their first UTC tournament. COTKU 2005 also tied the UTC record for most total teams at a collegiate tournament with 32, equaling the mark set by COTKU 2003.

One thing that made me very happy was the sheer volume of packet submissions. Even though it was optional, every team in Division I provided a full or partial packet, as did 8 of the 19 teams in Division II. Thanks also to Ray Luo, Cal-Berkeley, and my fellow University of Tennessee alums for freelance question submissions. The downside to so many packet submissions was the sheer volume of duplications, too many to catch them all (especially since many packets were received well after the last official deadline.) I counted six separate questions in the raw packets on Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. I believe that's a record for the most duplicates on one topic for any of our academic tournaments, and just one off the trash record (we had seven on Furby submitted for TrashMasters, in 2000 I think.)

Speaking of packets, the COTKU set of 13 rounds is now available for purchase ($15) or trade; contact me at steinhic [at] bellsouth [dot] net if you're interested. We also have sets available from our recent high school tournament; you can purchase both tournaments for $25.

Thanks go to the many volunteers who haled make this tournament possible. Wally Edmondson returned as UTC's stats demigod and did an outstanding job, with Rachel Moore and the versatile Nikki Poarch helping out with logistics. Besides their usual yeoperson service as readers, Steve Taylor and Scotti Whitmire did double duty as surrogates for me in their respective buildings. Thanks also to our other readers and scorekeepers: Tom Michael, Wesley Mathews, Wes Eddings, Markus Iturriaga, Eileen Steinhice, John Matthews, John Miglietta, Gerry Tansey, Michael Kearney, Megan Clancy, and the aforementioned Nikki Poarch. Thanks to David Moore who took a weekend off from law school, came to read, and instead wound up filling a vacancy as a one-person team in Division I. Apologies if I left anyone out. And thanks as always to John Miles of Provino's for providing garlic buttery incentive for the above volunteers.

Division I (13 teams) was split into two brackets (Rock City and Ruby Falls) for a round robin, followed by modified Swiss pairings in which the top three teams in each bracket after the round robin played as a championship division. Results through the 7-round round robin were:

Team Name Division Win - Loss Points Opp Pts Diff/GM
Vanderbilt A I Rock 7 - 0 2790 805 283.57
Kentucky A I Rock 5 - 2 1885 1370 73.57
Tennessee A I Rock 4 - 3 1365 1560 -27.86
Valdosta State I Rock 4 - 3 1440 1535 -13.57
Florida A I Rock 2 - 4 1040 1395 -59.17
UTC A I Rock 1 - 6 910 1815 -129.29
UT Law I Rock 1 - 6 1000 1710 -101.43
Florida State A I Ruby 6 - 0 2295 725 261.67
Georgia Tech A I Ruby 5 - 1 2010 885 187.50
Virginia Tech A I Ruby 4 - 2 1195 1405 -35.00
South Carolina I Ruby 2 - 4 975 1415 -73.33
Wofford I Ruby 1 - 5 670 1970 -216.67
Kentucky B I Ruby 0 - 6 660 1645 -164.17

The championship brackets produced a clear winner with no need for playoofs. Final standings were:

Team Name Division Win - Loss Points Opp Pts Diff/GM
Vanderbilt A I A 10 - 0 3845 1390 245.50
Florida State A I A 8 - 1 3260 1375 209.44
Kentucky A I A 7 - 3 2845 1990 85.50
Georgia Tech A I A 6 - 3 2720 1725 110.56
Tennessee A I A 5 - 5 1875 2430 -55.50
Virginia Tech A I A 4 - 5 1595 2440 -93.89
Valdosta State I B 7 - 3 2265 1910 35.50
Florida A I B 5 - 4 1880 1695 20.56
UTC A I B 3 - 6 1265 2100 -92.78
UT Law I B 2 - 7 1310 2060 -83.33
South Carolina I B 2 - 7 1335 2135 -88.89
Wofford I B 1 - 8 1130 2660 -170.00
Kentucky B I B 1 - 8 1050 2435 -153.89


Division II (19 teams) was also split into two brackets (Tennessee Aquarium and International Towing & Recovery Museum) for a round robin, with the top four teams in each bracket advancing to single elimination playoffs.

Div. II Standings after the round robin were:

Team Name Division Win - Loss Points Opp Pts Diff/GM
Georgetown College II Aquarium 9 - 0 2050 875 130.56
Louisville II Aquarium 7 - 2 2030 910 124.44
Vanderbilt B II Aquarium 7 - 2 2235 905 147.78
Central Florida C.C. II Aquarium 6 - 3 1550 1240 34.44
Oxford II Aquarium 5 - 4 1200 1490 -32.22
UTC B II Aquarium 5 - 4 1175 1205 -3.33
Emory II Aquarium 2 - 7 625 1740 -123.89
Berry II Aquarium 2 - 7 790 1360 -63.33
Tennessee B II Aquarium 2 - 7 1140 1545 -40.50
Dalton State II Aquarium 0 - 9 245 1800 -172.78
Georgia Tech B II Towing 8 - 0 2210 670 192.50
Florida B II Towing 7 - 1 2170 735 179.38
Athens State II Towing 6 - 2 1520 750 96.25
Florida State B II Towing 5 - 3 965 1195 -28.75
Kentucky C II Towing 4 - 4 1405 1050 44.38
Virginia Tech B II Towing 3 - 5 785 1255 -58.75
Macon State II Towing 2 - 6 320 1140 -102.50
Tennessee State II Towing 1 - 7 150 1510 -194.29
Shorter II Towing 0 - 8 120 1340 -152.50

Playoff results:

Georgetown College 270 Florida State B 100
Georgia Tech B 290 Central Florida CC 45
Vanderbilt B 210 Athens State 205
Florida B 185 Louisville 175

Georgetown College 250, Florida B 200
Georgia Tech B 265, Vanderbilt B 130

3RD PLACE MATCH: Vanderbilt B defeated Florida B on the final question; I believe the score was 220-190, but I can't find the scoresheet at the moment.

FINALS: Georgetown College defeated Georgia Tech B 145-105.


All-Star awards were given to the top six players in each division:

Division I:
Seth Kendall, Kentucky A (MVP)
David Moore, Tennessee Law
Matt Keller, Vanderbilt A
Paul Gauthier, Vanderbilt A
Mitch Alday, Valdosta State
Andy Whaley, Tennessee A
Division II:
"Jessie Tanglewild" (a.k.a. Doug Robeson), Florida B (MVP)
Eric Blair, Georgetown College
Stephen Hanley, Florida State B
Monica Marks, Louisville
Albert Yu, Georgia Tech B
Ryan Taber, Kentucky C

Also recognized for specific achievements were:

* Rookie of the Year, for top scorer playing his or her first collegiate circuit tournament, went to Eric Blair of Georgetown College. Other rookies are noted "*" below.

* Best Speed Buzz of the tournament went to Ismaila Badjie of Tennessee State, who got a tossup on the Gambia on just 6 words.

* The John Drennen Wiley Rollins Award for Outstanding Achievement in Buzzer Aggression went to Louisville's Michael "Eric" Giurgevich, who averaged over 2 negs per round.

* There were several worthy contenders, but the one chosen as Most Gloriously Wrong Answer of the tournament was --
Wrong answer: Johnny Cash
Right answer: Gustav Klimt

Full individual stats were:
Player Team # 10 -5 Points Rounds PPG
Seth Kendall Kentucky A 106 10 1010 10 101.00
David Moore UT Law 60 7 565 9 62.78
"Jessie Tanglewild" (Doug R.) Florida B 51 3 495 8 61.87
*Eric Blair Georgetown Coll. 51 9 465 9 51.67
Steven Hanley Florida State B 40 2 390 8 48.75
Matt Keller Vanderbilt A 52 7 485 10 48.50
Paul Gauthier Vanderbilt A 53 12 470 10 47.00
Mitch Alday Valdosta State 52 11 465 10 46.50
*Monica Marks Louisville 43 6 400 9 44.44
*Albert Yu Georgia Tech B 35 2 340 8 42.50
Ryan Taber Kentucky C 38 10 330 8 41.25
Andy Whaley Tennessee A 42 2 410 10 41.00
Stephen Webb Georgia Tech A 36 3 345 9 38.33
Mike Fritz Central Florida C.C. 35 1 345 9 38.33
Jacob Vannucci UTC B 36 3 345 9 38.33
William Werner Vanderbilt B 36 4 340 9 37.78
Will Kirkland Kentucky B 40 5 375 10 37.50
Alessandro A Vanderbilt B 34 1 335 9 37.22
Brandon Sykes Athens State 33 11 275 8 34.38
Billy Beyer Florida State A 34 8 300 9 33.33
Dave King Virginia Tech A 32 4 300 9 33.33
Elissa Caffrey Florida State A 30 0 300 9 33.33
"Shadow Pleasanthill" Florida A 33 7 295 9 32.78
John Kilby UTC A 31 4 290 9 32.22
Robert Scott Georgia Tech A 33 10 280 9 31.11
*Taylor Kulp Georgia Tech B 24 8 200 8 25.00
Donnie Allex Georgia Tech B 22 4 200 8 25.00
Nick Bradshaw UTC A 22 1 215 9 23.89
*Michael "Eric" Giurgevich Louisville 31 20 210 9 23.33
Ben McCraw Wofford 23 5 205 9 22.78
Jason Miller Oxford 27 14 200 9 22.22
Matt Alford Florida State A 22 4 200 9 22.22
Josh Clanton Athens State 23 12 170 8 21.25
Sarah Mahood Virginia Tech A 19 1 185 9 20.56
David Raymond Florida State A 19 4 170 9 18.89
*Josh Steadmon Tennessee B 14 2 130 7 18.57
Clover Everwood Florida B 16 3 145 8 18.12
Joel Cox Berry 14 0 140 8 17.50
Harsha Konery Oxford 18 5 155 9 17.22
Shae Williams Georgia Tech A 16 1 155 9 17.22
*Samatha McCrary Tennessee B 13 2 120 7 17.14
Tejas Doshi Wofford 13 2 120 7 17.14
Kalan Kucera Kentucky C 15 3 135 8 16.88
Greyson Daugherty Vanderbilt B 19 8 150 9 16.67
Patrick McCullough South Carolina 17 4 150 9 16.67
Ruth Jackson UTC B 17 5 145 9 16.11
Richard Hatcher Tennessee A 20 8 160 10 16.00
J. Martin Davis IV Virginia Tech B 15 8 110 7 15.71
Popash Moore Florida A 17 6 140 9 15.56
Felicia Sailey South Carolina 17 8 130 9 14.44
Mikey Alday Valdosta State 18 8 140 10 14.00
*Nicole Cope Central Florida C.C. 13 1 125 9 13.89
*Alex LaVelle Emory 12 0 120 9 13.33
Gerald Patton Kentucky B 17 8 130 10 13.00
Kitty Hall Macon State 11 4 90 7 12.86
Heidi Courtney Florida A 13 3 115 9 12.78
Ehren Bendler Georgia Tech B 11 2 100 8 12.50
Vedhas Doshi Wofford 11 2 100 8 12.50
*Jordan Gartenberg Emory 15 8 110 9 12.22
Jack Jackson Florida A 12 2 110 9 12.22
Will Belin South Carolina 12 2 110 9 12.22
*Josh Melton Tennessee B 9 1 85 7 12.14
*Zach Losher Tennessee B 10 1 95 8 11.88
Bryan Roper Virginia Tech B 10 4 80 7 11.43
Robert Armstrong Berry 12 8 80 7 11.43
David Dickey Valdosta State 14 7 105 10 10.50
Vivek Thakur South Carolina 11 4 90 9 10.00
Nick Bendler Georgia Tech A 9 0 90 9 10.00
Ben Clark Oxford 4 0 40 4 10.00
Jeffrey Harris Vanderbilt A 11 3 95 10 9.50
*Braden Blankenship Georgetown Coll. 14 11 85 9 9.44
*Adam Bailey Emory 9 1 85 9 9.44
*Chris Hammons Georgetown Coll. 9 1 85 9 9.44
Tom Hirsch Virginia Tech B 8 3 65 7 9.29
Chris Steele Shorter 6 3 45 5 9.00
Tony "FredEx" McCall Vanderbilt A 11 4 90 10 9.00
Mike Hundley Virginia Tech A 9 2 80 9 8.89
John B Central Florida C.C. 8 0 80 9 8.89
Phillipe Reed Tennessee A 9 1 85 10 8.50
Felicia Collins Dalton State 11 7 75 9 8.33
Rivers Athens State 9 5 65 8 8.13
Ranger Bellflower Florida B 7 1 65 8 8.13
Kristin Scheer Florida State B 8 4 60 8 7.50
*Ben Central Florida C.C. 8 3 65 9 7.22
Logan Jones Berry 7 4 50 7 7.14
Travis Lightsey Macon State 5 0 50 7 7.14
Kara Borum Tennessee A 7 0 70 10 7.00
Kiki Saddlewood Florida B 6 1 55 8 6.88
*Ismaila Badjie Tennessee State 5 1 45 7 6.43
Hunter Wight Kentucky C 6 2 50 8 6.25
Nathan Smith Dalton State 6 1 55 9 6.11
Gary Lee Eddy Oxford 3 0 30 5 6.00
Lauren Smith Virginia Tech B 4 0 40 7 5.71
Greg Hanthorn Berry 6 3 45 8 5.63
*Katie Widener Louisville 6 4 40 8 5.00
Lucas Schroeder Macon State 4 1 35 7 5.00
Kenisha Hill Oxford 2 0 20 4 5.00
*Anitra Montgomery Tennessee State 3 0 30 7 4.29
Jonathan Parramore Oxford 2 0 20 5 4.00
Marque Carey Tennessee State 3 1 25 7 3.57
*Stacy Long Georgetown Coll. 7 9 25 8 3.13
Elizabeth Norman Wofford 2 0 20 7 2.86
Eric Fox UTC A 3 1 25 9 2.78
Celestia Price Shorter 1 0 10 5 2.00
Joe Overstreet Athens State 2 1 15 8 1.88
Daniel Moses Berry 1 0 10 6 1.67
*Maggie Pierce Tennessee B 2 2 10 6 1.67
Adrian Heykoop Dalton State 1 0 10 9 1.11
Shay Ellison Wofford 1 1 5 5 1.00
Nick Pumphrey Valdosta State 3 4 10 10 1.00
*Sarah Jane Bodell Louisville 1 1 5 6 0.83
Brett Norris Macon State 2 3 5 7 0.71
Adam Cain Virginia Tech A 1 1 5 9 0.56
*Joe Feist Louisville 0 0 0 4 0.00
James Schroeder Shorter 2 4 0 5 0.00
Clint Higginbotham Shorter 2 5 -5 5 -1.00

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 2:40 am
by MLafer
I think we should all take the time to congratulate Doug Robeson of Florida B, who, despite having only attended college for six (6) years, has managed to doggedly claw his way to the top of the Division II rankings at this tournament. Keep shooting for that rainbow, Mr. Robeson.

You heard it here first: a Florida victory over former Brindlee Mountain players in the Div II finals of the 2010 ICT.

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 11:36 am
by MCDoug
Thank you. I will keep shooting for that rainbow.

In the future, I will be in Div. 1, eventhough I'm only in my second year of playing.

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 2:24 pm
by Scipio
In the future, I will be in Div. 1, eventhough I'm only in my second year of playing.
I think my opinions on this matter are well-known enough that I can claim, without qualification, that I am recognised as an opponent of a segregated Division II. I suppose I can see the value of some form of Division II: I remember from my own early playing days that it was not always much fun as a first-year to lose to much older, seasoned players, and I can imagine that it would have been nice to have had seperate awards recognising my own play and the play of my team as distinct from the field at large (there was not such, back then). I guess I can also see the worth of seperate Div. II "junior bird" tournaments, where young teams can evaluate their skills against their own experience levels. As far as having tournaments with seperate Divisions and indeed seperate packets (as some tournaments do), I am against it: better to have all the teams play each other, even though it may hurt at first, to get them used to full-on collegiate play, while at the same time giving out seperate awards to show that some notice is made of their novice status.

Now, having said that, let me add the following: if you are entitled to play in Division II (if, indeed, you have only played in one year's worth of Academic Competition), don't let internet bullying dissuade you from it. I applaud those who do voluntarily choose to forego Division II (my teammate Gerald has played most of the last two years in Division I despite being eligible for the seperate Division), especially those who have the teammates to make Division II play possible but who would prefer to play in the majors; indeed, I try to encourage those whose skills would make Division I play a good fit for them to make the leap as soon as possible. Clearly your numbers at the Heinrich Bowl and your averages at COTKU displays that you are ready for Division I play, and I urge you to do so. However, don't be muscled by my opinion or the abuse of others into this decision.

In sum: if you do decide to stick with your decision to play in the first Division, then I will welcome you there and will be delighted to do so. If not ... well, my delight will be much less, but if you are allowed to play in Division II, then my displeasure or that of others really does not and should not mean a damned thing.

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 3:37 pm
by MCDoug
Lafer is right, I should be in Div. 1. I was in Div. 2 for two reasons:
1. That was my first real tournament (i.e. large and with college questions) outside the state of Florida* so I wasnt entirely sure what to expect.
2. The two freshmen and the sophomore on my team didnt want to be bumped up to Div. 1.

I'm sorry if my playing in Div. 2 really bothered anyone. (you know my team did get 4th, not 1st)

*--I went to Henrich this year where there were only 6 teams and Henrich last year for my first college tournament. At most Florida tournaments I've been to it's just been UF teams, FSU teams, and CC teams--so I wasnt really sure what to expect.

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 3:39 pm
by ValenciaQBowl
my displeasure or that of others really does not and should not mean a damned thing.
But Seth, this wasn't just anyone . . . this displeasure was that of MATT LAFER, one of the top 30 players in the history of the game, according to the definitive list produced earlier this summer. If that doesn't mean a damned thing, then what does?

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 3:52 pm
by No Rules Westbrook
Probably hijacking this thread completely, I'll jump into the discussion since it's something I've had an opinion (granted an extreme one surely way in the minority) on for a long time. I struggle to understand why anyone would want to play any tournament as part of a "division II", no matter what their skill level or experience is, let alone to then brag of their performance in doing so. I know the argument - it sucks getting the crap beaten out of you by better and older players. I just don't agree. The solution to fixing that slice on your drive is not to play mini-golf. Maybe it's just that I'm a hero worshipper, but I find nothing objectionable (in any game that I take seriously) to having better players beat me. And, quite frankly, I think it's silly when people pretend that any level of qb below the top (whether it's high school, div II, junior bird, whatever) is anything but the "minor leagues".

That said, if people would really rather play in the minor leagues, that's fine. I'm not necessarily "bullying" them into playing division I in anything. I'm just calling a spade a spade, which I've noticed many are unwilling to do. This game, at its heart, should be about "knowing more stuff than anyone else" about certain topics - and not about scoring more points than people "in your division" or "of your experience". Of course, this is especially sad when the latter part of that isn't even true. Play, learn stuff, get better, and stop consoling yourself with artificial distinctions that make your ability seem better than what it is.

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 4:12 pm
by Scipio
Ryan Westbrook said:
A lot of stuff that is exactly right.
... and I agree with it completely. Let not the earlier message in this thread give grounds for misinterpretation: as long as it is being done legally, every player has the option of playing in Division II, I guess. But Ryan is exactly right in that those who choose Division I will be the better for it in the long run: for every savage beating he or she has to endure, there will be as recompense the additional experience, the ability to learn from the older players, the ability to gain a proper estimation of where his/her own skills actually are, and the respect of the opposing teams for being willing to take it like a mensch. Make no mistake: while those of you who have the choice should make up your own minds, most of us who are already in Division I (or who have never been in Division II) tend to agree on the best possible outcome for that decision.

Food for thought, at least.

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 5:08 pm
by ericblair
I certainly agree that teams should learn from older, more experienced players as several of you have indicated. I, for one, wanted to see how our team would stand up against teams of a similar level just to see how things went before we tried to tackle upper level schools that possibly have grad students. Before we came to this tournament, my teammates and I had no idea how we would perform against such schools as Vandy, Emory, etc. We were actually expecting the worse in Div II, which surprisingly wasn't the case.

This was the first ACF-style tournament my team (Georgetown College) had ever attended and it was just a start to what will hopefully be a long run in extra-Kentucky tournaments. I'm sure that after one or two more tournaments of this style we will have gained enough experience to join the Div I "elite." =)

Your Genial Quizmaster: One thing that would be rather informative on the individual score sheet in the future would be an indicator of the collegiate level of the player (freshman, senior, grad student, etc.). I just think that it would be fun as well as a good indicator to see where you stand with your specific level.

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2005 5:38 pm
by vandyhawk
Just to add some thoughts now that I've totally recovered from our high school tournament... When the fields are as large as they were at COTKU, and it's one of the first tournaments of the year, I don't mind the separate divisions, as long as the questions are the same (which they were at COTKU...wish NAQT would stop doing this, but that's a whole other story). It allows newbies to not be scared off right away while still allowing for enough competition. Once we get past the first couple months, though, I feel like everyone should play in one division, though separate awards are fine. If younger players get used to only playing other younger players, the drive to improve can't be as great, and then they'll not want to compete against older players once they're no longer eligible for Div II.

Personally, the only time I ever played in a junior bird or Div II or whatever was Sword Bowl a few years back - this wasn't b/c I was that good at the time, it was just b/c we didn't have the numbers for multiple teams usually. Anyway, it was indeed frustrating getting stomped by the likes of Kelly and Seth (when they still played together), but it also showed me what to strive for in this game, and gave me more motivation to improve. As another example, my teammate Paul is a sophomore, but up until the UGA junior bird, he had only played Div I b/c it would just be silly to allow him to rack up ridiculous stats in lower divisions, and the two of us playing together forms the nuclues of a fairly solid team. Since he is only a soph, though, he is certainly entitled to play a jr bird event if he wishes.

I guess the main point here is that not separating divisions seems to produce better players in the end, though it could also alienate some before they get the chance to be good. Can't win them all I guess.