NASAT Player Eligibility

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NASAT Player Eligibility

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Since I see NASAT is already being mirrored as opens at some physical locations (and hopefully through Skype, more information on that coming soon), in the interest of transparency and to help TD's, the following is a list of people who have access to the set through QEMS2, in almost all cases by submitting questions or editing questions, and thus are ineligible to play (not that I would think they would try to play, but I just wanted to make sure everyone is on the same page). I tried to only add people to the set if they specifically requested access. If you are on this list and do not think this is right, please let me know immediately.

Sameen Belal, Mike Bentley, Jordan Brownstein, Tommy Casalaspi, Mike Cheyne, Nick Collins, Kurtis Droge, Reese Fulgenzi,Jason Golfinos, Auroni Gupta, Farah Kabir, Eddie Kim, Ophir Lifshitz, Bruce Lou, Ewan MacAulay, Jonathan Magin, Chris Manners, Jack Mehr, Eric Mukherjee, Mia Nussbaum, Jacob O'Rourke, Will Overman, Sriram Pendyala, Noah Prince, Ramapriya Rangaraju, Sam Rombro, Kenji Shimizu, Joelle Smart, Lloyd Sy, Conor Thompson, Cody Voight, Matt Weiner, Chris White

Note that being a contributor to HSAPQ throughout the season did not mean you automatically had access to the set.

Thanks and let me know if anyone has any questions.
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Re: NASAT Player Eligibility

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The following people staffed NASAT, and are thus ineligible to play at any mirrors.

-Greg Bossick
-Sean Phillips
-Andrew Feist
-Nick Conder
-Jason Thompson
-Rahul Annabathula
-Henry Blyth
-Isaac Kirk-Davidoff
-Angus Maske
-Bryce Durgin
-Harris Bunker
-Todd Garrison
-Jack Mehr
-Katie McMahan
-Tyler Reid
Jacob O'Rourke
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Re: NASAT Player Eligibility

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Sam Braunfeld did initial editing/feedback on all of the math as well.
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