British Student Quiz Championships 2017 (20/5/2017, Warwick)

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British Student Quiz Championships 2017 (20/5/2017, Warwick)

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Oxford A won the British Student Quiz Championships 2017, beating Cambridge A 330-265 in a one-game final. Well done to their team of Charlie Clegg, George Corfield, Daoud Jackson, and Spence Weinreich.

Both Oxford A and Cambridge A went 10-1 through the day, with Oxford A's loss in their play-off game against Cambridge A, and Cambridge A losing to Cambridge C.

Cambridge B finished 9-2 to become undergraduate champions by two clear games from Oxford B.

Congratulations to all players, and thanks to the moderators and everyone who wrote or consulted on questions. Thanks to NAQT for the original SCT set from which the BSQC set was created.

Top scorers (>= 50 PPG in Prelims) were: Evan Lynch (Cambridge A), Francis Clark-Murray (Oxford B), Adam Barr (Manchester), George Davies (St Andrews), Daoud Jackson (Oxford A), Thomas De Bock (Oxford Brookes), Charlie Clegg (Oxford A), Joe Crowther (Warwick A), and Ellie Warner (Cambridge B). A special well done to them.

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Re: British Student Quiz Championships 2017 (20/5/2017, Warw

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I can say with confidence that I did not expect Oxford Brookes to do this well. Previously, we'd never won more than 2 games in a day, so to win 7 was very much a pleasant surprise.

All in all, it was a very pleasant day, well-run (though with slight delays that could not be pinned on Edmund), well moderated and overall extremely enjoyable. The only thing to distract from it was a slowly developing throat itch that is now a full-blown hoarse voice.

Thank you very much to everyone who came along and played, all the lovely moderators who volunteered their time and especially Edmund!
Thomas De Bock - Oxford Brookes University