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Ohio HS TRASH '16 - Quick results (12/10/16)

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 1:55 pm
by BobGHHS
Didn't want to post this in the normal HS section due to it being trash, so posting it here.

Our annual Ohio trash tournament was played at three sites on Saturday - main site was Olmsted Falls and other sites included Tippecanoe HS and East Liverpool HS. I do not have results from East Liverpool.

Here are the results from the two other sites - team and round stats will be available for the OF site once I get the rest of the scoresheets and put them back into sqbs, since we forgot to save them to a flashdrive at the end of the day. We did not keep individual stats this year.

If anyone is looking for a trash set to mirror as a side event or even regular event, feel free to shoot me a private message.


Thanks to all the students, coaches and volunteers who made our 12th annual TRASH tournament a success once again. We enjoy putting it together as much I hope all the kids have playing it all over the state. The set will be eventually sent out, although I'm working on editing some repeats out and a couple of factual errors. Once that is complete and I talk to some other people about mirrors, then I will clear it.

Stats to follow later this week when I finish re-entering them into the computer since all of us forgot to save the file to my flash drive.

Playoff Results:

(1) St. Edward A 225 - (8) James A. Garfield B 180
(4) Olmsted Falls B 230 - (5) East High 110
(6) Streetsboro B 355 - (3) St. Edward B 135
(2) Rootstown A 325 - (7) Huron B 110

(1) St. Edward A 330 - (4) Olmsted Falls B 175
(6) Streetsboro B 260 - (2) Rootstown A 150

(6) Streetsboro B 315 - (1) St. Edward A 135

It was a great day, one of the most-fun TRASH tournaments in the twelve years since we started.

Thank you to all of our volunteer readers/scorekeepers/lunch workers, etc. A special thanks to Ryan, Nick, Andy, Cari, Drew, Tom, Matt and Anderson on the set.


Results from Joe Bellas at Tippecanoe HS:

We had 36 teams at Tipp with only one Chimera needed to fill a last minute cancellation. Weather was fine down here.

Six brackets of 36 were played, with the top 32 making the single-elimination playoff. The bottom four played a three round circle of death to determine the "Best of the Rest" as well as the worst trash team in the region.

Because I don't want to type too much, here are the semis and finals:

Semifinal One
Simon Kenton A - 410
Fisher Catholic A - 140

Semifinal Two
Fisher Catholic B - 420
St. Charles B - 140

Simon Kenton A - 445
Fisher Catholic B - 280

Best Costume went to "Dr. Strange" from Fisher Catholic.

Top three individuals were Chris Jericho from Simon Kenton A, Kandy Kane from Tecumseh, and @realDonaldTrump from ECOT. Top neg award went to Yergens #1 from Bethel B.

We had an awesome trophy that my wife managed to cobble together. I'll probably start a traveling trophy next year along similar lines. I tried to attach a photo of it but the file size is too big. :D

Thanks to everyone who came out and competed. The questions were as good as they've ever been and all of the competitors were very entertained and excited to play them. The special rules for the final were especially well received.

Special thanks to all of my volunteers who stepped up to read and scorekeep. We essentially ran a ten round tournament in 7 hours!

Re: Ohio HS TRASH '16 - Quick results (12/10/16)

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2017 9:12 am
by BobGHHS
I finally got all of the scoresheets back, so here are the team stats:

If anyone is looking for a trash set to mirror at some point, feel free to shoot me a message.

Good luck to all teams this second half of the year - I look forward to seeing many of you in Atlanta at HSNCT.