Eternal Sonata discussion

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Eternal Sonata discussion

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I posted in the main thread earlier that discussion should wait until the skype mirror (announcement coming later tonight), but given that a decent number of people have played this, it would be nice if there was a centralized place for discussion now*. So feel free to give feedback, talk about your favorite buzzes, or even provide music recommendations in this thread. I'll also post some more thoughts about the set later.

Obviously, it should go without saying that if you're planning on playing over skype, you should not read any more of this thread.

*Also, we figured that a) There's even less reason to cheat at this tournament than, say, Lederberg and b) It's really hard to cheat at audio tournaments anyways.
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Re: Eternal Sonata discussion

Post by Ike »


So thank you so much for writing this. I have been wanting to play one of these for a while, and this exceeded expectations.

I'll begin by saying that we agreed to have no negs, but you were still locked out after interrupting, at the main site for this tournament, which I think was a wise decision since most VG music is background music and people interact with it differently.

Difficulty was about right. Clue selection was evocative, there were a few tossups in particular that had great clueing since even after the clip ended, I was able to hum out the rest of the clip leading me to eventually arrive at the answer.

If I had one overarching complaint it was that the set didn't make liberal use of remixes enough to hide instrumentation transparency. I think for example, Sonic 3 and the Journey TUs could have benefited from this, even if you have to insert an audio recording saying "the next 2 clues are remixes, doofus players" that would have helped some transparency issues. I think Voices of the Lifestream is a fine idea, but I don't see why that couldn't be shoehorned into a tossup on FF7 for example.

The other minor issue is the restricted answer space with country and composer TUs. No one is going to TU Gambia in this tournament - I think having a disclaimer saying "we may TU the same composer / country" multiple times wouldn't be a bad idea - though no one needs two tossups on Grant Kirkhope I guess.

Not sure if I have more to add than that.

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Re: Eternal Sonata discussion

Post by Auroni »

This was great fun, and I will enjoy my two first-clue buzzes until the day I die. The only suggestion I have, for future writers of these sorts of questions, is to do away with the "name the composer" tossups altogether. There's a very limited answer space, there's great potential for vanity question misuse, and the same material can be captured with better answerlines.
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