2016 MYSTERIUM detailed stats

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2016 MYSTERIUM detailed stats

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Now that it’s clear, and previous objections have hopefully been withdrawn, I am releasing detailed stats for two MYSTERIUM sites (Maryland and Northwestern). Much thanks to Jonah for passing along a neat stack of scoresheets from Northwestern to me at ICT. Two other sites (UCLA and Skype) used Neg 5, from which I can export scoresheets if anyone is actually interested in seeing detailed stats. Nobody else gave me scoresheets.

Maryland (4 rooms × 10 rounds = 40 games)
Northwestern (3 rooms × 13 rounds = 39 games)

Because MYSTERIUM was not widely played and some sites are not represented, the sample size per question is very small (n ≤ 7). However, aggregate data (by category, author, and site) are still comparable. The Summary tab lists tossup conversion, power rate, and bonus conversion by subcategory and author. Tossups and Bonuses list conversion for every question; earlier I posted data for my questions only. All the normalized data are in TU nrm and B nrm. The performance of each team by subcategory is in Teams–Categories. I wasn’t sure if this information would alter anyone’s strategy at nationals. Best buzzes uses data from two rooms at the Maryland site.

Beyond moving questions around, slight content changes were made to the set after each mirror, some of which were informed by the detailed stats.

Let me know if you have any questions, problems, or suggestions.
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Re: 2016 MYSTERIUM detailed stats

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These stats are awesome and also do a sick job of showing the distribution of Illinois' history knowledge base
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