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Re: Thanks and general discussion

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A large part of the perceived tossup length is from formatting: the Tanizaki tossup with two words on the ninth line in Cambria 10 with about 60% bolded, as it is in the packet, is a shade under 7.5 lines in TNR 10 with no bolding, which has generally been MUT's average length. I wouldn't be surprised if the set contained tossups longer than this that really didn't need to be, but overall I think we generally hit our target (and believe that that target is a desirable one for the aims of this tournament).
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Re: Thanks and general discussion

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Thanks for the link, Mike. But WTF???? The article you provided is quoting Garcia-Marquez's account of this literary shindig at Styron's house, but unfortunately the link to G-M's own article from which the quote is pulled is dead. But you have to question what G-M meant by "recited Benjy's monologue": that section is something like 50-60 pages long, and no human has it memorized. Maybe he meant Bill was able to recite the first couple lines. Sheesh. Magical Realists.
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