COTTAGE Bowl 2 - Global Announcement

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COTTAGE Bowl 2 - Global Announcement

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Oh man
Oh man, oh man
Not again

I’m proud to announce a sequel to one of last year’s most talked about tournaments! Carleton’s Original Trash Tournament: Almost Good Enough 2, better known as COTTAGE Bowl 2, is a house written trash tournament being produced primarily Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Editors for this tournament include myself, Nick Penner, as well as Aaron Dos Remedios, Joe Su, and Izzy Izumi. Writing will be done by a host of your favourite Carleton Quizbowlers.

This tournament will be similar to the previous edition but with a number of improvements, including:
  • A more modern emphasis (50% of answers are post-2000)
  • Greater balance in subject subdistributions
  • An emphasis on reducing bonus variance (less bonuses that are very easy or very hard)
  • A designated copyeditor to reduce spelling/grammar issues
  • More accessible/mainstream answerlines
  • And much more!
This tournament will be ready by January 30, 2016. Carleton will be hosting our edition of the tournament on January 31, 2016; that announcement can be seen here.

There will be 15 rounds consisting of:
4/4 Sports (3/3 Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey; 1/1 Other)
4/4 Music
4/4 Movies
4/4 Television
1/1 Video Games
3/3 Other (Includes things like trash lit, comics, tabletop games, and more)

University of Maryland (Go Terps!) on February 28, 2016

We eagerly anticipate interest in mirroring this set, ideally over the ACF Regionals weekend but any time after that as well. If interested, please email CUQTAPresident[at]gmail[dot]com

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about this tournament, which I will answer to the best of my abilities.
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Re: COTTAGE Bowl 2 - Global Announcement

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Did anyone proofread this?!?!
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