VCU Novice at Northeastern University (10/10/15)

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VCU Novice at Northeastern University (10/10/15)

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Northeastern is excited to announce that we will be mirroring VCU’s Collegiate Novice set on October 10th 2015.

The tournament format will vary based on the size of the field. All matches will be in Curry Student Center, located behind Ell Hall at 350 Huntington Avenue, as seen on this map: ... smap15.pdf

Eligibility Rules:
1. All ACF eligibility rules apply, except when they contradict the rules below.
2. This is a tournament for introducing collegiate novices to quizbowl. Meaning, no high school teams or players are eligible.
3. Anyone (who does not break Rules 1 or 2) who has never played quizbowl before is automatically eligible. Other academic competition does not count as quizbowl for this rule.
4. Players meeting one or more of the following criteria must apply to the head editor for special permission to play:
i. If you have already completed your second year of college (calculated from time in college, not credits). Time in a post-secondary high school program does not count.
ii. If you have ever finished in the top 20 in scoring at PACE NSC or top 35 in scoring at NAQT HSNCT, or played on a team that finished in the top 16 at NSC or t-21 at HSNCT.
iii. If you ever lead a team in scoring that made it beyond the first round of the HSNCT playoffs, or lead a team in scoring that made the top playoff bracket of NSC [the last two years, this has been the top 24 teams].
iv. If you have ever scored at least 30 points per game at any college tournament.
v. If you have ever won any college tournament.
5. Anyone who does not fall into any of the four categories listed in Rule 4 is automatically eligible to play.
6. Even if one of the rule 4 categories applies to you, you may still be able to play! Email Cody Voight at [email protected] to apply for special dispensation. To apply: 1) state which of the rule 4 points would render you otherwise ineligible; 2) list when and how you achieved any of the accomplishments that led to your being otherwise ineligible; and 3) state succinctly why you want to play.

Costs: The fee for this tournament will be 15 dollars per player. We will provide a 5 dollar discount per set of buzzers, and a 5 dollar discount per team for staffers (limit 2). Also there is a new school discount of 5 dollars.

Registration: To register, please e-mail [email protected] Please include how many players, teams, staffers, and buzzers you’re able to bring. We look forward to seeing you!


Currently the field includes

- 3 MIT Teams
- 1 Boston College Team
- 1 Harvard Team
- 3 Northeastern Teams
- 1 Brown Team
- 1 Yale Team


Olivia, Vice President of Northeastern University Quizbowl

Any questions direct to [email protected]
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Re: VCU Novice at Northeastern University (10/10/15)

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Are there are any more details about this? I sent an email signing up a team a while ago, but never received a response.
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Re: VCU Novice at Northeastern University (10/10/15)

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Any results from this?
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Re: VCU Novice at Northeastern University (10/10/15)

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