2015 ICT survey results

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2015 ICT survey results

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naqt.com wrote:This survey gathered feedback from players and coaches about NAQT’s 2015 Intercollegiate Championship Tournament. There were 211 responses.
full results
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Re: 2015 ICT survey results

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The immediate takeaway I have from this survey is that people should stop trolling surveys.
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Re: 2015 ICT survey results

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Jon, I'm not entirely sure what the concern is. Obviously, the couple of people who said that the field should average 2 PPB or that the bottom 4 teams should get 30 PPB are trolls, but that wasn't enough to really mess with the results, was it? There seems to be a pretty strong belief that the bottom teams should be at 8-10PPB, the field should be at 15-20PPB and that the top teams should be at 20-25, regardless of a few trolls.

Also, I thought it was pretty funny that they asked "Should a team ever be declared ICT Division I or II champion outright (that is, without a final or advantaged final)?

No, never
Yes, when a team clears the field by 2 games
Yes, when a team clears by 3 games
No opinion"

right before making Maryland and Yale play off for undergrad even though they were in different brackets. I wonder if including that an an option might take away a few of the "never" or "no opinion" votes lol.

Anyways, thanks for posting this. It was an interesting read.
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