Annotate QB Questions for Fun, Practice, Profit, and Science

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Annotate QB Questions for Fun, Practice, Profit, and Science

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We just gave out $120 in prizes for folks who annotated questions here:

Some of you might remember that a few years ago some students and I put out a web app that folks could use to practice questions. It proved very popular and helped spawn fuller-featured platforms like Protobowl.

We’re still working on helping computers understand quiz bowl questions, and we launched a new web app that will help us gather important data and will help *you* study quiz bowl questions by annotating when characters, authors, and works appear in quiz bowl questions:

We gave out our first round of prizes, but there's a new set of prizes available for folks who have the most annotations added the first round; so even if you haven't played along yet, you still have as much of a chance to get a Amazon gift card.

Our goal is to get annotations of when people, works, and characters are mentioned in quiz bowl questions. As before, we’re offering prizes to the people who participate the most. However, we hope that everyone will be able to benefit from reading existing quiz bowl questions carefully.

We’ve been testing it out here, and it’s helped me to remember plot details in works that I never knew or had long forgotten. Annotating these questions, I’ve found, is much more effective than simply reading the question, as you need to reconstruct how the author wrote the question.

I hope that you’ll enjoy it, especially as the annotations that you provide will help us create automated techniques to help computers understand natural language, in particular, quiz bowl questions.

Please try it out and share with your quiz bowl friends; we're offering Amazon gift cards to the three most prolific users as well as for additional random users.
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