Trashtastrophe 3: Steal This Tournament

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Trashtastrophe 3: Steal This Tournament

Post by Geringer » Wed Feb 13, 2013 3:57 am

Trashtastrophe 3: Steal This Tournament - Preliminary Announcment

After close to three years of delays, I believe that I will finally have the time to write/edit another trash set. Like my previous two installments, T3 will focus on accessibility in the answer spaces and will likely be more "modern-focused" than many other trash tournaments. Unlike the previous Trashtastrophes, this set will include bonuses. The scheduled completion date for this set is Fall '13 and I am looking for an experienced writer or two to contribute a small number of questions and proof-read and playtest packets. Send an email to rjgeringerATgmailDOTcom if you're interested.

Anyone can host this this tournament. I would highly prefer that this was hosted alongside an academic tournament or as a club fundraiser. This set will be available free of charge, and any club that runs it may keep proceeds for their own expenses, run it for free, or donate the proceeds to a worthy charity (Matt's Buzzers is a great choice).

Run this in ones, twos, reds, or blues. I care not.

This tournament will be finished by September of 2013. As the date approaches, I will make progress reports and solicit mirrors or a possible academic tournament pairing.

This area will serve as a placeholder for mirrors as they are announced.

• 8 Movies & TV (Ideally four of each)
• 4 Music
• 4 Sports
• 1 Video Games
• 3 Miscellaneous (Trash Lit, Internet stuff, Consumerism and Advertising, General Knowledge, Multi-category)

There will be no meta or anime, because ain't nobody got time for that.

I am looking for some minor contributors. If you have a warm, trashy glow in your heart, send me an email or something.
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