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COTKU Mirror at Harvard

Posted: Tue Sep 21, 2004 2:59 pm
by fjkelly6112
Hey everyone,

Harvard College Bowl would like to announce that we're going to hold a mirror of UTC's COTKU tournament on Saturday, October 16th. For more information on the tournament details please see Charlie Steinhice's original Yahoo Groups post (number 14689) at

Registration will begin at 8:30 AM. We'll have some announcements at 9:15 and will start playing at 9:30. Without knowing how many teams want to come, I can only guess when we'll end, but it will probably be before dinner time.

This is still up in the air, but it will probably be the classrooms along the back wall of the first floor of the Science Center, a short walk from the Harvard Square subway stop through Harvard Yard. Confirmation of this will come in an update.

Base price: $100
-$10 discount per buzzer system, max. of 2 per school
-$10 discount if team travels at least 250 miles
-$10 discount (cumulative) for each additional team per school after
the first (i.e., $10 off for the second team, $20 off for the third, etc.)
-min. team fee of $60

Interested teams should contact me as soon as possible (since the date of the tournament is quickly approaching) at fkelly at fas dot harvard dot edu.

Frank Kelly
COTKU Harvard Mirror TD

Posted: Wed Oct 06, 2004 12:39 pm
by fjkelly6112
Hi again,

Sorry about not updating this sooner, but securing classrooms for the tournament has been sort of a battle. Nevertheless, we have obtained space in Sever Hall, the large building in Harvard Yard next to Widener Library and Memorial Church.

I don't think I mentioned this before, but we intend to have both a div1 and a div2. So far I think we have the following interest:

BC (1)
Dartmouth (2)
Brandeis (1)
Columbia (1)
CUNY (1)

BC (1)
Dartmouth (1)
Brandeis (1)
Columbia (2)

If any of this is incorrect or you've tried to contact me and you're not on this list, please email me at ( fkelly at fas dot harvard dot edu ).

To all the teams that have expressed interest, please email me to confirm that you're coming, and also mention the number of buzzer systems that you can bring.