Lower South MAGNI Mirror

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Lower South MAGNI Mirror

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Rice University will host a mirror of MAGNI. Saturday, October 29. It is a regular difficulty college tournament.


The tournament will be held in the Humanities building located on the Academic Quad. Teams should meet in Room 120 of the Humanities building. Signs will be posted. Registration will start at 8:15 followed by a short meeting at 8:45. Matches will begin at 9:00. There will be about an hour for lunch. These times and locations are subject to change. Updated information will be posted as it becomes available.

Format and Eligibility:

For any questions regarding eligibility, difficulty, etc., please consult the general announcement found here:


To register, please send an email to me at zyeung (at) gmail dot com and indicate the number of teams, buzzers, and moderators that you are planning to bring. Also, let me know if you would like an invoice.

Current teams:
Rice (2)
Tulane (1-2)


Base fee: $100 per team, -$10 per subsequent team (3 teams thus being 100 + 90 + 80 = $270)
Buzzer discount: -$10 per working buzzer
Moderator discount: -$10 per moderator
Travel discount: -$10 per 200 miles traveled

Parking: The closest and most convenient parking is in the Founder's Court Visitors lots. These lots are most easily accessed through Entrance 1 and are the first parking lots visible around the sallyport (the big arch entrance to the academic quad). The daily maximum for parking is ten dollars. If teams have time to kill and want to save nine dollars, one dollar parking is available over a mile away behind the stadium in the Greenbriar lot at Entrance 13. Please do not park anywhere on the Inner Loop. You will get ticketed and towed.

Getting to the Humanities Building: Teams should enter through the sallyport and proceed to the building on the far left corner of the quad with the tower. Willy's statue is facing the sallyport and away from the humanities building, if you get confused. Signs will be posted.

A campus map can be found at http://www.rice.edu/maps/maps.html
Getting to campus has a map found here: http://www.rice.edu/maps/getdirections.html

For any additional questions, please email me, Zach Yeung at zyeung (at) gmail dot com.
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Re: Lower South MAGNI Mirror

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Any updates on this?
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Re: Lower South MAGNI Mirror

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Rice A won the event in the second finals game against Seven Lakes.
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Re: Lower South MAGNI Mirror

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How, why, and by whom was this set power-marked?
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