People/Teams Who Still Need to Produce CO Questions

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People/Teams Who Still Need to Produce CO Questions

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Perhaps there's a better way to note this, but posting here seems expedient. The following are people who have yet to submit Chi Open questions, and who I'm unsure of the status on (I'm leaving out a few cases where I've been given a good idea of the status):

Rob Carson's team
Matt Weiner's team
Mike Sorice's portion of packet
Chris Ray's team
Richard Mason and Andrew Ullsperger's portion of their packet

Would the aforementioned people, or someone on their behalf, please contact me and give me a good approximation of status?

My email: [email protected]
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Re: People/Teams Who Still Need to Produce CO Questions

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If any of these teams need something small like 1/1 in a category, I'm not attending and could help out if I hear about it (PM or email) by early afternoon. I'd be finished by early afternoon tomorrow and I have about 6 hours I can devote to this and early NSC writing today. I'm looking for the writing experience, so feel free to let me know if you need the help.
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Re: People/Teams Who Still Need to Produce CO Questions

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No Rules Westbrook wrote:Mike Sorice's portion of packet
Oh, no, I never would've guessed!
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Re: People/Teams Who Still Need to Produce CO Questions

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Could you confirm that you received my packet?
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