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What percentile of teams in a tournament should make the playoffs (n > 16)?

Poll ended at Sun Jul 04, 2004 10:06 am

Top 10% to 25% of the field
Top 25-50% of the field
Total votes: 36

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This is for discussion with a poll... what percentage of a field of schools should be considered to advance for playoff contention? I am assuming the field is larger than 16 teams.
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I voted for the latter of the two options. It's my personal belief that the more games a team can play, the better, regardless of arguments as to how only the "best" teams should get in. If (just as an example) TJ A makes a tournament's playoffs as the #1 seed, then they are as responsible for losing a match to #2 Dorman as they are for losing to #(n/2) Podunk.
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