LASA Dunbar Fall Mirror (11/14/09)

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LASA Dunbar Fall Mirror (11/14/09)

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LASA (Austin, TX) will host a mirror of the Dunbar Fall Tournament on November 14th, 2009.

The base fee will be $70. Discounts will be offered for travel ($10 for teams traveling over 150 miles), for schools entering multiple teams ($10 discount for each team entered beyond the first), and for teams bringing working buzzer systems ($10 discount for a working system). Discounts may be compounded, but the minimum fee per team entered is $50.

The tournament will consist of a round-robin in the morning and re-bracketed playoffs in the afternoon.

Interested teams or anyone with questions should contact LASA Quiz Bowl coach Jason Flowers at [email protected]. Field updates will be posted as teams register.

N.B. This will not conflict with the TQBA event scheduled for that date, as that tournament has been canceled.
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Re: LASA Dunbar Fall Mirror (11/14/09)

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klein is interested. I'll talk to the rest of my team and some other underclassmen. I'd really love to go to this.
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Re: LASA Dunbar Fall Mirror (11/14/09)

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Because there are only 2 non-LASA teams signed up for this, we will unfortunately have to cancel this mirror.
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