NY/NJ 2009-2010

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Re: NY/NJ 2009-2010

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Do you know what state is kinda close to the states of NY/NJ? The state of Delaware, of course! Do you know what awesome tournament is going to be in Delaware? The Caesar Rodney Rider Bowl! I'll stop being annoying in a second, I promise, but I just wanted to remind teams in NY/NJ (NJ in particular) that there is a really good tournament just a few hours away. More info on the tournament can be found here: http://hsquizbowl.org/forums/viewtopic. ... rider+bowl.
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Re: NY/NJ 2009-2010

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So anyone want to enlighten me on how Regional Quiz Bowl finals went yesterday? All I know is that Ward Melville played Kellenberg twice, and lost by 10 the first time. Someone from Kellenberg that was playing/watching want to let me know how those matches went? Did WM get legit buzzes against you, or were they just picking up buzzer races? Are the questions still as wonky as ever?
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Re: NY/NJ 2009-2010

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I know that In Varsity, Kellenberg was 1st and Northport was Second; and in JV, Kellenberg was also first and GNS was second.

We won both matches against WM, but the first one came down to the last 2 questions (last 2 were Kellenberg 5 and WM -5), and the second one was fairly close as well. I think that they were the best team we played all day. They were mostly legit buzzes, and we seemed to split the buzzer races fairly equally. The questions are stll all over the map.
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