Fall High School Novice Tournament?

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Re: Fall High School Novice Tournament?

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Hey, I am necroing this thread in order to announce the following six writers who, four days after the final deadline for writers on this set, have fallen far, far below their obligations to this set, which they signed off on months ago.

These six writers are Anurag Kashyap, Stephen Eltinge, Amit Bilgi, Harry White, Cameron Orth and Gaurav Kandlikar.

Please don't take this as advice never to involve them in writing projects; just the opposite, in fact, is appropriate. After all, zero of these writers have spent a day out of high school. However, a promise is a promise; I said that I would out them, they promised to do their work--they didn't, so I did, after multiple warnings. But you should involve them in future writing projects, because they need to learn basic time management skills. At least they should learn to tell their editors and appointed overseers that something is going wrong and we need to figure out a way to compensate for them. So please get them involved in future writing projects, but keep them under close oversight.

Now, on a closely related note: we need several writers to join the project, as the overseers of this set want to see it completed on time and of impeccable quality, and writers reluctant to work with us have made that difficult. If you are interested in writing for this project--and preferably, if you are either a rising freshman or a current high school student--then please email me at [email protected]. Thanks!
Andrew Watkins

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Re: Fall High School Novice Tournament?

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I neglected to mention Cameron Orth, who has apparently written no questions at all and is 100% incommunicado.
Andrew Watkins

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Re: Fall High School Novice Tournament?

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Looks like the class of '09 is fitting into college just as well as lots of other quizbowl "writers" have....
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Re: Fall High School Novice Tournament?

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Just wanted to say thank you on behalf of the editors to those of you who have stepped up and to anyone else who does so. With Zhao and Charlie preparing for college and me trying to keep up with GSAC obligations, we unfortunately don't have much time to take care of more of this ourselves. Thanks for being awesome, folks.
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Re: Fall High School Novice Tournament?

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Yeah, I'm sorry that I fell behind in the questions I promised to write. Not to weasel out of the duties I failed to live up to, but Charlie can verify that I have been editing some questions.
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Re: Fall High School Novice Tournament?

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On the other side of the coin Andy discussed is the more positive one of writers doing their job efficiently, and occasionally going above and beyond. I just want to congratulate the following writers for doing an excellent job getting their work done with no hassles:
Ikshu Neithalath of Clayton High School
Graham Moyer of State College High School
William Horton of Alpharetta High School
Neil Fitzgerald of Eden Prairie High School
Chuhern Hwang of James Monroe High School and Virginia
Donald Taylor of Illinois
All of these writers but Donald are high schoolers, so I am very pleased to see them already build a reputation for a good work ethic, and hope they will continue and that those of us who have had some problems with deadlines in the past can emulate them in the future. Thank you very much, guys.
Charlie Dees, North Kansas City HS '08
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Re: Fall High School Novice Tournament?

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Is there a concrete list of where there are plans to run this tournament as well as the timeframe for when it will be held?
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