Missouri Quizbowl Alliance

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Deckard Cain
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Missouri Quizbowl Alliance

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It is my pleasure to announce today the formation of the Missouri Quizbowl Alliance, an organization dedicated to the proliferation of high-quality quizbowl throughout the state of Missouri.

Quizbowl nationwide has experienced growth in both popularity and legitimacy, largely due to the expansion of formats and questions that are beneficial to academic development. Questions used in high-quality quizbowl feature multiple clues arranged in order from hardest to easiest, in what is known as pyramidal style. This gives the team with deeper knowledge on a subject the opportunity to buzz in earlier, thereby making it more likely that the more knowledgeable team wins a given match while keeping question accessibility high, allowing teams to learn clues they may not have previously heard, and minimizing the role of speed and frustrating buzzer races. Since high-quality pyramidal questions are better than short questions for distinguishing between teams with differing levels of knowledge, games can then use fewer questions, allowing teams to play many more games against different teams at each tournament they attend.

However, quizbowl in Missouri has not kept pace with this national trend, and tournaments offering few games and featuring short, often poor questions that favor speed over the acquisition of knowledge are the norm. MOQBA seeks to improve quizbowl in Missouri by increasing awareness and availability of better quizbowl formats and higher-quality questions.

MOQBA's goals for its first season will center on the expansion of high-quality quizbowl tournaments, making such tournaments accessible to all Missouri teams. Tournaments have the opportunity to obtain MOQBA certification by providing attending teams with high-quality questions and a format that encourages participation by offering a greater number of games. Information on tournament certification can be found on the MOQBA website at http://www.moqba.org, and further questions can be addressed to [email protected].

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Missouri Quizbowl Alliance
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Re: Missouri Quizbowl Alliance

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It's about time.
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Mechanical Beasts
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Re: Missouri Quizbowl Alliance

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This is a positively exciting development.
Andrew Watkins

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Re: Missouri Quizbowl Alliance

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Good luck and Godspeed to all of you!
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Re: Missouri Quizbowl Alliance

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This is awesome.
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