Question about qualifying

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Question about qualifying

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okay so my team just finished playing at the NAQT SC State tourney, we finished with a 1-7 ranking beating the Governors School of Science and Math B. Yet in our county we finished 2nd at our county tourney out of 12 teams, we have never traveled outside our county but our coach says that our team can still apply for a wild-card spot despite our placing at NAQT SC because he believes our team can compete on a national level next year with practice 3 days a week, so what i ask is that if we finish 1st in our county next year (We Will), but place 9th out of 14 teams at a certain tourney can we still apply to nationals for a spot because of our academic excellence and persistance. We will be traveling to about 4 tourneys next year but hope to go to nats
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Re: Question about qualifying

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I'd try to win or finish in the Top 3 of something other than counties before making plans for Nationals.
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Re: Question about qualifying

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It's going to take a bit more than just practicing 3 times a week. You may want to construct a schedule where you get to see more teams that are likely to play at national championship events. I don't know what the constraints are for travel, but I'd certainly look into a few competitions up here (bias for VA/DC/MD), down near Georgia and maybe a few other tournaments around. Sure, you can always apply for wildcard berths, but you need to have the confidence you will appreciate the opportunity to play at a national tournament.

Sure, you qualify at minimum by winning or finishing in second at just about any tournament, but doing well at nationals requires more.
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Re: Question about qualifying

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Wait, so are you saying that you'll be attending four tournaments next year, or traveling overnight to four tournaments along with going to local ones. If all you are doing is going to 4, that schedule will need a massive upgrade if your coach really wants you to be a national power.
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