Virginia 2006-07

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Virginia 2006-07

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I know, Gov is easily the best, and TJ is very easily second, butwhat about the rest of the teams around the state?

Kunle has been an absolute force for Ocean Lakes, carrying that team on his back for over two years. The Central Region has several teams that can do well on an annual basis, and some of the teams from the mountains aren't half-bad either *Cough*Cave Spring*cough*.

How does everyone else around VA feel about the other teams and the general QB "scene"?
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It's a shame Princess Anne doesn't get out more, because they seem to me to be the clear number 3 in VA right now (though other teams can certainly beat them). I hope George Mason can be a real contender for the small school title at HSNCT, it'll be interesting to see if they're for real.
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