NAQT Southern CA HS State Championship, Caltech, 3/31/07

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NAQT Southern CA HS State Championship, Caltech, 3/31/07

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Here is the executive summary:
Date: March 31st
Time: Arrive 9PM game play starts promptly at 9:30, runs until 4PM
Fee Structure: 70 per team, -10 per additional team, -10 per lock out
system, -10 per moderator, -Epsilon naught per bounded infinite functions
(Minimum of 50 dollars)
Location: Caltech, Pasadena, 91126
Likely to be held in Baxter Hall
Parking: Likely free parking on Holliston (I will talk to Security)
Format: Preliminary round robin followed by single elimination playoffs
with nine minute halves. Full NAQT rules available:

A traditional breakfast of some combination of milk, donuts, and bagels
will be served.

Lunch Eateries: Walk to Zankou Chicken on Colorado and Holliston or
McDonald's at same location, or drive along Colorado and find limited
parking spaces available

Email [email protected] to register, and email me with any questions you may have (my email is in the button below)
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Any results?
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