Best Teams In The Country '06-07?

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Best Teams In The Country '06-07?

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Did Dorman win both the Robinson Varsity and the Brookwood JV tournaments this weekend?
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Indeed they did.

How is the Greater Moore-Roebuck area these days? :-)
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It certainly bodes well for Dorman in the future.

This doesn't have anything to do with the thread title, but it makes me wonder how often this kind of thing happens (winning two tournaments on the same day). In 2005 Raleigh Charter's A team won the BISB and the B team won the Raider Academic Challenge back home in North Carolina. Since the Raider Challenge is a Brookwood mirror, that makes me think that RCHS won the same tournament in two different states on the same day.

Of course, they're not really the same tournament, but the same question set.

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Collective unconscious anyone?
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Admins: if you could, reunite this thread with the original named thread.
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