Any interest in a SW tournament?

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Any interest in a SW tournament?

Post by DumbJaques »

In the great words of Mr. T: "I'm back . . . and I need work." So if anyone out there happens to reside in Arizona, Southern Cal, New Mexico, or any other place form which you would be willing to travel to Phoenix to compete in a High School tournament, please let me know? I'm predicting 0 responses (not counting the ones where people make fun of me for posting), but if anyone from that area would be interested, let me know. You can also email/IM me.
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Matthew D
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Post by Matthew D »

Geez, don't have to much confidence on the sales job...
seriously if we were closer, I might consider it... but that would be a very very long bus ride for us...
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Post by solonqb »

I'll forward this to our Southern California high school contacts.
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