2021 HSNCT staff call

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2021 HSNCT staff call

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The field for the 2021 HSNCT is currently 192 teams... but there are still 43 more teams on the waitlist.

NAQT would like to expand the field one more time, but we've reached the current limits of our staff capacity. So, this is a call for more staff to join us at the 2021 HSNCT, May 29-30, on Zoom.

Staff must be at least 18 years old, must have graduated high school, must not be currently connected to a team planning to play the HSNCT, and must not be in or a resident of California. We prefer staff with experience, especially with online tournaments. Staff will be compensated based on how much time they spend working at the tournament.

You can read more about staffing from our online tournament guide: moderator, scorekeeper.

Interested in joining us? If you've staffed NAQT events before (either online or in-person), you can express interest in staffing the 2021 HSNCT from this page (login required). If not, please email us at [email protected] and our logistics team will contact you.
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