Ridiculously hilarious protests/protest arguments

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Post by NoahMinkCHS »

I think the Illinois rule makes sense. The Ohio one is ridiculous, and I don't understand why it has never been changed.
After that, they declared that they'd been to "a lot" of tournaments and that "this is always the rule."
Never mind, it's people like that.

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Considering all protests are settled at the end of the game, the only way you'd actually have your protest brought up and not withdrawn is if it made a difference in the game. If the TD ruled against you, you would lose anyway, so the forced forfeit wouldn't really matter. The rule doesn't seem all that bad to me: it seems to protect against teams winning 600-30 and then protesting a 5 point bonus part they didn't get.
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In the McDonald's High School State Championship semifinals my junior year (on crazy, 1-2 line, non-pyramidal questions):

*Other team buzzes in the first couple of words, turns tossup over*
"...name this painter of Impression Sunrise."
*Moderator recognizes*
"So, Monet? (pronounced [MOH-nay])"
*Moderator looks at paper*
"I'm sorry, the correct answer is Monet (pronounced [MAH-nit])."

Man, was there an uproar over that one...and justifiably so.

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Post by MahoningQuizBowler »

Oh dear Lord, someone opened up the Ohio protest can of worms.

I saw a team go from winner's bracket semifinalist to eliminated in the space of 5 minutes last year at the East Central Regional. The rule reads that the protesting team ***MAY*** forfeit their next match, and unfortunately, the TD decided to go with the very literal interpretation of the rule. The team was making a protest that would have changed the result of the match, and ended up going home. I, unfortunately, don't have any more details.

When the issue was brought to the head of the state organization, her response was, basically, to not get so involved in it and that the "healthy-minded" kids involved would forget about it in "10 minutes", so we should do the same.

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"This French author living in Algeria." Of course, I said Albert Camus, pronouncing it as "camooh." I think the moderator didn't quite hear me. He looked at the judges, looked at me, stared at the camera for a bit, and said "No, I'm sorry, it's CAMOOSE."
Wow...we had a question just like that. The player buzzed in and said "ca-mooh"(pronunciation). Moderator looks at him weirdly, and just as she opens her mouth to say it was wrong, he says "Caymus" with a straight face.

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At a tournament last year, one of the bonuses was about Little Women. "Who did each of the sisters marry?" Captain deferred it to me. I said Jo married Friedrich Bhaer (granted I shouldn't have used the first name, but still). Moderator looks at me and says "It says Professor Bhaer." He never did end up taking it....

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My freshman year, a question asked where the Prime Meridian was located. I answered "Greenwich" <grin-itch>. It was ruled incorrect because the correct answer was "Greenwich"<Green-witch>.
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