DC Metro End-of-Season Individual Poll

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DC Metro End-of-Season Individual Poll

Post by king_crimson »

Greetings everyone.

As you all know, the 2019-2020 Quizbowl season was sadly cut short by COVID-19. Therefore, due to popular demand (I asked in the DMV Discord), I have decided to announce a 2019-2020 DMV Player Poll.

The poll will work very similar to the one Groger Ranks did last year, (viewtopic.php?f=4&t=22814&p=359886#p359886 for more information), however, it will be limited only to the DMV. Players outside of the DMV may vote, but may not vote for a player who does not reside in the DMV. Any polls with outside players will be rendered void.

The poll has two sections: overall players and category players. In the overall category, you will be asked for the top ten players in general, the top five sophomores, and the top five freshmen. These may overlap (for example, one of your ten players is also a top five sophomore, etc.). The categories will be separated into six sections: literature, science, history, rmpss (religion, mythology, philosophy, social science), and other (current events, trash/other academic, and geography). Each of these are for the top five players of their respective categories.

Overall, justification is optional but is recommended. The poll can be found here: https://forms.gle/74yhpDYcrqGegX4j9

Voting will probably end around June. (I haven't decided yet)
Feel free to shill players in the thread, but keep the discussion well-mannered. If you any questions or technical issues, feel free to ask.
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Re: DC Metro End-of-Season Individual Poll

Post by Jeje Lalpekhlua »

Thank you Justin for doing this. First I'd like to shill a few people who deserve to be on the Top 10.

Matt Siff, no doubt, 100% is the man at #1.

Katherine Lei is not only arguably the best science player in the country, but she has evolved into some humanities areas such as lit and fine arts, where she can serve even in a sort of "generalist" role.

William Wang from TJ is a really underrated generalist who has plenty of experience and can get points all over the board.

I think Arthur from GDS also deserves to be in the top 10, he is just super good at a lot of subjects and even though he gets shadowed by Matt he still puts up amazing numbers.

William Orr has been the top scorer at numerous local events and has solidified himself as a humanities generalist with deep literature and fine arts knowledge.

Justin Ward has branched out into an effective generalist as well, leading a what could be t-25 BASIS McLean team next year

Oh, and there's this dude named Chris Tong, he's pretty good too.

To shill people from my own team now:

Justin Posner should definitely be in your top 3, he has the ability to take over a game with his depth of knowledge in the humanities and has put up tremendous power counts on both NAQT and mACF this season.

Derek Chu should merit consideration in your top 10, but he 100% should be in your history top 5 as well. Derek has expanded from a history player into a very good RMP and VFA player and can get buzzes all over the place as well.

Danesh Sivakumar should merit consideration in your top 5 science players, as well. Danesh has been notably improving a lot this season and has done well against other top science players in the circuit like Daniel from Langley and Prat.

Gus Carvell should 100% be in your top 5 sophomores. He put up a tremendous power count at BHSAT and has been notably improving as well filling a generalist role for the B Team.

I think I should merit some consideration for the Top 10, as well as the history, lit, and geo/ce polls.

There are a bunch of people I haven't mentioned that will be on my ballot but I just wanted to highlight a few on this post.

I'm excited to see what others think.
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Re: DC Metro End-of-Season Individual Poll

Post by king_crimson »

As Abhinav has already touched upon the top ten overall players, I'd like to focus on underclassmen and players from TJ.

For freshmen, Cavan Gabaldon O'Neill from BASIS put an impressive fifty powers over eleven games on IS-190. He's a strong generalist who will be getting better throughout the year. Vote him for #1 freshman.

Elliott Lee from TJ is also a good literature player who put up twenty-four powers in 11 rounds on 190 with a quite strong TJ team. He's got decent generalism too. Vote him on your poll.

Caleb Zhao from Blair is good at science. I've heard a lot of good things from him and his stats are pretty impressive even when playing with stronger teams, vote him too.

Owen Higgs did well at BHSAT and is notably good at history. Put him on your poll.

Andrew Shi is pretty good at history but is often shadowed by his teammates (who also do history). His stats at BHSAT are pretty decent.

For sophomores, William Orr is probably the best sophomore in the area. His very deep knowledge on literature and visual fine arts plus his generalism makes him very scary to play against. He put 45 powers on HFT, 52 powers on WAIT, and 30 powers on BLAST (though the last two were online, however his inperson stats show that he is legitimately scary).

Gus Carvell is a strong generalist who knows literature and history well. He's got high power numbers and is a generalist at lower levels. Vote for him in your top 5.

Albert Ho is very scary on history. He merits consideration in your top 5 from his insane depth on history.
Jason Liu is also really good supposedly, but he hasn't played any tournaments other than an A-set this year. Any Blair kids can feel free to discuss this below.

Now onto TJ kids:
William Wang is a strong generalist and a very good history player. Vote him on your overall and history poll. He also knows a good amount of visual fine arts.

Karthik Prasad is an excellent auditory fine arts player who is also pretty good at a lot of misc stuff. He merits a spot on your fine arts poll.

Stefan Calin is insane on science. He should be 1 or 2 on your science poll.

Ryan Xu is a very strong literature player with good pss knowledge. Put him on your literature and RMPSS poll.

Anuraag is really good on myth and history. He merits consideration on history and RMPSS.

Sohom Paul is still really good at science. Remember that he exists and still is super good.

Prat Jai and Elliot Lee are really good sophomores and both deserve merit in your sophomore poll. Prat is also very good at science and deserves some recognition on the science and other poll (he's good at CE and geography).

Vance Kreider is quite good on auditory fine arts and scales well. Vote him for FA.

Feel free to agree or disagree.
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Re: DC Metro End-of-Season Individual Poll

Post by vespesian4 »

Once again, a big round of applause to Justin for organizing this. I just wanted to take this opportunity to talk about a couple of my fellow ninth graders who I think have had particularly great seasons.

Elliott Lee, TJ: Frankly, just Elliott is really good. He is a competent generalist and by far the best ninth grade literature specialist. It will be very interesting to see how Elliott develops in the next couple of years. He should probably be in your top two.

Elliott's Stats: https://www.naqt.com/stats/player/?contact_id=412442

Caleb Zhao, Blair: Caleb is quite good at science, especially for this being his first year as an active player within the circuit. He should definitely be in your top five.

Caleb's Stats: https://www.naqt.com/stats/player/index ... _id=483077

Ethan Zhou, McLean: Ethan is a criminally underrated science specialist with a particularly strong affinity for math questions (in one protobowl session I saw him power an open-level TU on Riemann Zeta Functions). Furthermore, he has done quite well as effectively the only science player at McLean, and has shown consistent improvement over the season, which is sadly not evident due to VHSL not posting any results. He should probably be in your top five.

Ethan's Stats: https://www.naqt.com/stats/player/index ... _id=482149

Andrew Shi, TJ: After leading Cooper A to a surprise fifth-place finish at MSNCT, Andrew continues to be a strong generalist. He is sadly been pretty shadowed by this season by his compatriots at TJ at most regional with exception of Georgetown Spring where he lead TJ B to a strong finish. He has also done pretty well at NHBB this season. He should be in your top five players.

Stats from Georgetown Spring: https://stats.neg5.org/t/W1kZ_Gxv9/geor ... -standings
NHBB results: https://www.historybowl.com/wp-content/ ... 7-2019.pdf and https://www.historybowl.com/wp-content/ ... 1-2020.pdf

Since the DMV is a big region, I am sure that I have missed at least a couple players. I like forward to further discussion on this thread.
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Re: DC Metro End-of-Season Individual Poll

Post by ShehryarQazi »

My participation ended before it truly began, but I'm still gonna shill the few players I played and feel like deserved to be considered for top 10.

Both BASIS McLean and McLean HS Justins are extremely deadly at history, and the latter is a very strong humanities generalist.

William Orr was very good at literature last time I played him, and I've heard he's only gotten better and has branched out. Langley probably has VHSL 6D on lockdown McLean style for the next two years.
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Re: DC Metro End-of-Season Individual Poll

Post by king_crimson »

We have almost 20 ballots! Keep em coming!
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Re: DC Metro End-of-Season Individual Poll

Post by king_crimson »

Here are the results!

Overall Poll
1. Matthew Siff (12), Georgetown Day School
2. Katherine Lei (12), Montgomery Blair
3. Abhinav Karthikeyan (11), Richard Montgomery
4. Justin Posner (11), Richard Montgomery
5. William Orr (10), Langley
6. William Wang (12), Thomas Jefferson
7. Chris Tong (11), Montgomery Blair
8. Arthur Delot-Vilain (11), Georgetown Day School
9. Justin Young (12), McLean (Young was tied with Arthur: I broke it by making the one with the lowest hot take above)
10. Justin Ward (11), BASIS McLean

Freshman Poll
1. Cavan Gabaldon O'Neill, BASIS McLean
2. Caleb Zhao, Montgomery Blair
3. Elliott Lee, Thomas Jefferson
4. Andrew Shi, Thomas Jefferson
5. Owen Higgs, Richard Montgomery

Sophomore Poll
1. William Orr, Langley
2. Albert Ho, Montgomery Blair
3. Justin Chen, Thomas Jefferson
4. Gus Carvell, Richard Montgomery
5. Pratyush Jaishanker, Thomas Jefferson

Top Science
1. Katherine Lei (12), Montgomery Blair
2. Stefan Calin (11), Thomas Jefferson
3. Chris Tong (11), Montgomery Blair
4. Danesh Sivakumar (11), Richard Montgomery
5. Pratyush Jaishanker (10), Thomas Jefferson

Top Literature
1. William Orr (10), Langley
2. Justin Chen (10), Thomas Jefferson
3. Ryan Xu (12), Thomas Jefferson
4. Abhinav Karthikeyan (11), Richard Montgomery
5. Alex Moon (12), Georgetown Day School

Top History
1. Justin Young (12), McLean
2. Justin Posner (11), Richard Montgomery
3. Abhinav Karthikeyan (11), Richard Montgomery
4. Arthur Delot-Vilain (11), Georgetown Day School
5. Albert Ho (10), Montgomery Blair

1. Justin Posner (11), Richard Montgomery
2. Matthew Siff (12), Georgetown Day School
3. Vishal Kanigicherla (11), Thomas Jefferson
4. Anuraag Kaashyap (11), Thomas Jefferson
5. Ean Casey (10), Norfolk Academic Guild

Top Fine Arts
1. Vance Kreider (11), Thomas Jefferson
2. Karthik Prasad (12), Thomas Jefferson
3. Matthew Siff (12), Georgetown Day School
4. William Orr (10), Langley
5. Chris Tong (11), Montgomery Blair

Top Other
1. Abhinav Karthikeyan (11), Richard Montgomery
2. Nathaniel Rosenberg (12), Georgetown Day School
3. Chris Tong (11), Montgomery Blair
4. Pratyush Jaishanker (10), Thomas Jefferson
5. Anthony Duan (11), Centennial

For more information and more detailed explanations of scoring/the way I scored and to see all the polls, here is the link:
https://docs.google.com/document/d/12qh ... sp=sharing

Thank you everyone for voting! For the seniors, good luck in college, and for everyone else, I hope you see you guys again next year in the DMV circuit!
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