FOG I Geography Set

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FOG I Geography Set

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Hi there!
I am pleased to announce FOG I (Mysteriously Located)
Production Details: For now, his set is written and edited by myself. I will add others if they help. I plan on being done in February

Set Details: There will be 6 packets in this upcoming set. Target audience is High school players. Possibly better suited for individual players. Packets will be in a 20 tossups and no bonuses. FOG II will have bonuses. Questions are power-marked and go from 5-6 lines. Distribution is as follows:

4 Asia
4 Europe
4 North america
3 South america
3 Africa
2 Oceania/Other

Mirrors/Purchasing: PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE If this is being played at a tournament, ̶$̶1̶5̶ dollars per non host team (or individual if it is a singles tournament. If you are just wanting this as a practice tool, PM me and we can discuss pricing. PM for Payment info.

EDIT: I'm dropping asking price down to $8 per set. $15's a little high considering that it's what Harvard is asking for they're set. I doubt there will be any use for this in a tournament setting. So if you want the set, $8, but if you are doing a tournament, $8 per team. Still negotiable.
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