QANTA League: Human-Computer Open Tournament / Question Writing Competition (15. Dec, 2018, UMD)

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QANTA League: Human-Computer Open Tournament / Question Writing Competition (15. Dec, 2018, UMD)

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Aplogies for cross posting, but we've had a dearth of HS signups, and we'd really like more high school teams.

We’re hosting a December 15 event that aims to match top human teams against computer algorithms in a fun competition.
Because this is a packet submission tournament, the deadline for registering as a packet-writing team is October 15!

We’re hoping this would be a fun, local event for your team, particularly if any of them has interest in artificial intelligence or natural language processing. And to be slightly hyperbolic, you’ll be making history by taking part in the first quiz bowl tournament with humans and computers; you don’t want to miss out!

We realize that the date is near the end of the semester, but we will end at a reasonable time so that people can get home at a reasonable hour. Given this is a new competition format, we’re trying to keep things relatively simple (games are also tossup only, which will make things go more quickly). The tournament is also more than free (i.e., we’ll pay you $100) if you write questions! In addition, up to $550 in prizes is available for winning the competitions (both for playing and for writing questions).

Teams do not have to be associated with a school (but special prizes if you are).

Also, because the format is new, we expect that you’re likely to have questions. Please e-mail [email protected] if we can answer any questions about the competition.
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