Perfect 800?

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Perfect 800?

Post by Red-necked Phalarope »

After noticing a 570-35 score from one of the games at the Tar Heel Cup this weekend, I couldn't help but wonder: In the 20-tossup, 30-point bonus, non-power format, has a team ever managed to completely run the table, scoring a perfect 40 on every tossup and bonus? I can't really conceive of that happening, but considering the scale and history of quizbowl I guess it might almost be possible.

So, anybody have any information? I remember seeing a score or two in the low-600s before, but that's about it.
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Dan Greenstein
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Considering 20 tossups is considered the "holy grail" in quizbowl, and even that occurs only once or twice a year in college and high school combined, I would be willing to bet you a substantial amount of money that no one has ever reached that.

A slightly more realistic achievement is 700 points. Has any team ever gotten 700+ points in that format?
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Post by AirJay »

Our team once got all 21 tossups right in a timed NAQT score 650-0.
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Post by dtaylor4 »

In a 20 TU/20 per bonus/no power, my team grailed and got 525 out of 600
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Post by insaneindian »

the most we have ever gotten is 685, but that included powers, and we had an insanely good round :razz:
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Post by DavidH »

We got 660 this past weekend at a tournament in St. Louis.
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Post by DumbJaques »

The thing about asking this question is that the an answer of "yes, we did" is not going to mean what the question intends it to. Let me explain what I mean: Team 1 plays at a house written, 20/20 format in an especially weak region of the country. The question writers have to write easy questions, or no one will be coming back next year. For whatever reason, team 1 is pretty good, not outstanding, but pretty good. Maybe they accidentally thought they were roadtripping to stronger tournament, maybe they have a really good class that year, it doesn't matter. Team 1, while playing a team that doesn't know what the button is for on insanely easy questions, gets perfect 800, likely by waiting until the end of most questions and picking up easy bonuses. Now team 2 plays at the same format in a tough field on much harder questions. Even if team 2 plays a similarly awful team, they're just not going to get 800. It's not a function of the team, it's a function of the questions, the field, the round, etc. Team 2 putting up, say, 500 or 600 shows much more to me than team 1 putting up 800, even if both teams are about equally good.
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Post by NoahMinkCHS »

I think the 800 is cool more for coolness's sake than for showing a team's ability. DumbJaques, you're dead on about its meaningfulness in that regard. But I still think saying that you ran the table once is pretty cool in and of itself.