2018 MO Pre-Nationals Tournament - May 12, Columbia College

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2018 MO Pre-Nationals Tournament - May 12, Columbia College

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The Missouri Quizbowl Alliance is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a Pre-Nationals Tournament on Saturday, May 12, 2018 at Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri.

The Pre-Nationals Tournament will use the 2018 Prison Bowl XI question set written and edited by the Hunter College High School academic team. As of February 12, this set was not assigned to any other tournament in Missouri. It is your responsibility to ensure that your team has not previously heard this question set and will not compete in any other tournaments using this set. Question set assignments are subject to change at any time; a list of tournaments known to be using this set is available in the forum thread linked above.

This tournament is open to teams eligible to compete in MSHSAA high school interscholastic scholar bowl competitions in compliance with MSHSAA's policies, including the 14 tournament limit and restrictions regarding competitions between Districts and Memorial Day weekend. Schools from outside of Missouri are welcome to participate, but must register by April 8 to ensure we have enough time to obtain approval from MSHSAA. The field is capped at 16 teams.

See the announcement on our website for more details and a link to the registration form.

We will also host the MOQBA Singles Championship later in the afternoon following the Pre-Nationals Tournament.

Hope to see you there!

For field updates, check the thread on the Missouri Quizbowl Message Board.
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