Geneva (NY) Quizbowl Invitational (IS-172, January 27, 2018)

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Geneva (NY) Quizbowl Invitational (IS-172, January 27, 2018)

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The first-ever Geneva Invitational quizbowl tournament will take place at Geneva High School in Geneva, NY, on Saturday, January 27, 2018. This tournament will use NAQT IS set IS-172, meaning that it will be of the same difficulty as November's BrainBusters Fall tournament at Ithaca (high school regular difficulty) but will most likely have a smaller field, depending on available staff. We are setting the initial field cap at 24 teams, and may adjust it upwards if demand warrants AND we have enough buzzers and staffers to expand.

MasterMinds teams are eligible and highly encouraged to play, since this set will not be used in MM play - in fact, any MasterMinds school that has not played at BrainBusters Fall in Ithaca in the past will be charged only the tournament minimum of $40 per team to participate. Games will be untimed, read to the completion of the 20th tossup and any associated bonus. Powers, negs, and sudden-death overtime will be in effect. To simplify matters, timing will be ACF format - 5 seconds for everything (5 seconds to buzz after tossup completion, 5 seconds to answer after buzzing, 5 seconds to answer each bonus part with a prompt on 4). Format is yet to be determined, but each team will be guaranteed a minimum of 9 matches for the day.

Top finishers will qualify for the 2018 NAQT High School National Championship Tournament in Atlanta, 2018 NAQT Small School National Championship Tournament in Chicago, and/or the 2018 PACE National Scholastic Championship in Reston, VA (suburban DC).

$85 for the first team from a school.

$70 for the second and any subsequent teams.

Schools may enter any number of teams they wish, but we reserve the right to limit each school to 2 teams if the field fills.

$40 per team (minimum fee) for a currently-active MasterMinds school that has never played at BrainBusters Fall at Ithaca HS.

The following DISCOUNTS apply:

-$5 per fully functioning buzzer system (fully functioning means 8 buzzers that work – we reserve the right to rescind the discount for buzzers that do not meet this standard)

-$10 per staffer (moderator or scorekeeper) provided by the team (staffers will be assigned as readers until we have enough, then scorekeepers – if you have a preference, please let me know what it is and we will try to accommodate it)

-$10 if your team is traveling more than 150 miles one way to Geneva HS (determined by Google Maps) – only one of these discounts per school.

The minimum fee per team is $40.

To register directly on the NAQT website, please go to… and sign in to register. Alternately, you may contact me (Scott Blish, Tournament Director) directly at my e-mail, [email protected]. We are setting an initial registration deadline of SATURDAY, JANUARY 20. Fees are not due at registration and will most likely be collected on the morning of the tournament unless it is easier for you and your school to prepay, and we will make arrangements for you to do so if that is the case. We hope to see you at Geneva on January 27!

CURRENT FIELD (soft field cap = 24 teams)
Brighton (1)
Geneva (1)
Ithaca (3)
Lakeland (1)
Waterloo (2)

Delaware Valley
Saratoga Springs
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