Post your school schedules!

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Post your school schedules!

Post by BuzzerZen »

Since I noticed a possibility of derailment in the Quiz Bowl Class thread over in Theory, I though "Hey, maybe we're bored enough to want to see each other's class schedules, and how hosed by AP/IB/actual college we all are!" So I'll go first:

1: English 11
2: AP US History
3: AP Spanish Lit
4: AP Calc BC
5: Physics 1
6: Philosophy/Comparative Religion
7: AP Computer Science
Evan Silberman
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Post by zwtipp »

Greeks and the West
Intro to Aerospace Engineering
Calculus II
Physics I (Mechanics and Thermodynamics)
Physical Conditioning
Freshman Engineering Academy

Not too bad, though it'd be better if I didn't sleep through class from time to time.
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Post by BobGHHS »

Zach-- we're posting college schedules?... ok then...

Organic Evolution
General Ecology
Field Work Practicum
Elementary Prob/Stat (told me I have to take it now that I'm a super-senior)
Teaching Science in Secondary Schools

Student teaching in the spring... how fun...

Real job next fall hopefully....

Hope everyone (no matter if you're in college or high school) is having a good school year thus far, and good luck to all this year.
Bob Kilner
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Post by Skepticism and Animal Feed »

Well, might as well bite. I'm a second-year undergrad taking the following:

1. Intro to Middle Egyptian
(i.e., Ancient Egyptian from the period of Egyptian history nobody cares about)
2. Ice Age Earth Climate
(the easiest thing that fulfills my physical science requirement)
3. "Power, Identity, and Resistance"
(this is a three-quarter sequence that fulfills my "social science" requirement. First quarter we read economic stuff, Smith, Marx, etc., second quarter we read Locke, Hobbes, etc., third quarter, we, uh, I'll find out third quarter I guess)
4. Twentieth Century World Politics
(Cold War class, essentially. For the PolySci major)
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Post by pakman044 »

Sure I'll bite. In no particular order:
  • Atmospheric Dynamics I
  • Computer Organization and Logic (includes lab)
  • Concepts and Facilities of Operating Systems
  • Literature of the Western World I
  • Swim Conditioning
  • Software Engineering (includes lab)
The labs are definitely hoseage. But it's working far.... Next semester will probably be worse.

In case you were wondering, this is my third year doing computer science and meteorology.

Patrick King
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Post by steven-lamp »

Common Book Experience Seminar on Jared Diamond's Collapse
Honors Introduction to Philosophy and Logic
Introduction to American Politics
The Arts of Tuscaloosa (yay, fine arts credit gone)
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Post by solonqb »

Calculus of One and Several Variables and Linear Algebra
Classical Mechanics and Electromagnetism
General Chemistry
Introduction to Computation
Major British Authors
Problem Solving in Calculus
Weight Training, Beginning/Intermediate
Frontiers in Chemistry (soon to be added)

The first three classes as well as the humanities class are freshman core at Caltech.

I commend the taking of Spanish Lit. San Manuel Bueno, martir was one of the few things that has ever made me cry.
Noah Rahman
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Post by dschafer »

Numerical Analysis/Elementary Differential Equations
Computer Systems Research/Economics
AP English Literature
AP U.S. Government
Computer Aided Design/Computer Archetecture
Comparative Languages/Supercomputer Applications

I will probably end up majoring in computer science, wherever I go.
Dan Schafer
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Post by NotjustoldWASPs »

BuzzerZen wrote: I though "Hey, maybe we're bored enough to want to see each other's class schedules, and how hosed by AP/IB/actual college we all are!", evan. U were really bored. Or high. Or something.
Neel Kotra
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Post by blazer06 »

wow i'm actually doing this:

AP Psychology
AP Economics
AP Human Geography(contrary to popular belief, it IS a class)
AP US History
English 12
Marine Biology
Linear Algebra
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Post by dtaylor4 »

Calc II Honors
Introduction to Astronomy
Principles of Effective Speaking
Biology of Human Behavior
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Post by fluffy4102 »

I feel so stupid...

Choir on M and TH (before school)
Chemistry Honors
English II
World History AP
choir (lunch) on mondays
Geometry Honors
Latin III
Choir (M and W)
Orchestra (T and Th)

edit: wrong order
edit: realization of fine arts
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Post by Apocrypha »

AP Biology
AP US History
AP English
Calc C AP
AP Psychology
AP Physics
AP CompSci 3
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Post by Irreligion in Bangladesh »

Heh, why not.

Physics, non-honors
Calculus, non-honors
English 12, honors
Band, Symphony (so it's technically honors)

Semester courses
Political Issues
Creative Writing
Music Appreciation
Economics (all non-honors)

Then again, remember, no AP/IB/honors at all at my school...our coach teaches the advanced English class, which is all we get anymore. I'm reasonably sure that when she retires, the class goes away.
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Post by NoahMinkCHS »

Rather than the sarcastic remarks I considered posting, I'll just participate. It's way better than that compare your GPA/SAT/whatever awhile back that (thankfully) got deleted.

Intro to Political Science - Honors
Risk Management and Insurance - Honors
Intro to Computing (i.e., Computer Science, i.e. Programming)
Beginning Portuguese
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Post by insaneindian »

1. Gym
2. AP Government
3. AP Stats
4. English 12
5. AP World History
6. AP Phys C
7. AP french lang
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Post by Golden Tiger 86 »

Econ 303-Banking/Finance
Accy 201-Intro to Accounting
English 250-Applied Writing
Bus 271-Business Communications
Bus 230-Business Statistics.
Slade Gilmer, 2004 Graduate of THE Russellville High School, 2009 Graduate of THE University of North Alabama
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Post by bigtrain »

AP Statistics
Honors English 12
AP Art History
AP European History
AP Biology
AP Biology Lab
Advanced Philosophy (3 hour class, one night per week)
Quantum Physics (second semester)
....I'm trying to decide whether I should audit MV Calculus second semester when I'll have more time because college applications will be completed.

To speak more directly to the purpose of this thread, that is, exemplifying the difficulty level of a typical quiz bowl player's schedule, I will add that only one other player on our A team has a schedule similar to this. One of our other players doesn't bother challenging himself academically because he will go to almost any college he wants to on a tennis recruitment. Our last A team player is an amazing artist/musician, so most of his time is spent in classes such as AP Studio Art, AP Music Theory and AP Pottery (I have no idea why there is an AP test in pottery).
Alex Price
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Post by Captain Sinico »

What the hell, I'll bite:
  • NPRE 501: Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering
  • NPRE 522: Controlled Fusion Systems, I
  • NPRE 555: Reactor Theory, I
  • NPRE 596: Seminar in Nuclear Science and Engineering
I'm also teaching NPRE 446: Principles of Radiation Interaction with Matter, I.


Post by vizcacha »

College Schedules too? hmm

MATH 426 Honors Linear Algebra
PHIL 419 Space, Time, Matter
MUS 103 Rudiments of Theory I
PHYS 436 Electromagnetic Fields II
PHYS 487 Quantum Mechanics II
PHYS 497 Independent Study
PHYS 515 General Relativity I
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Post by DVader »

AP Gov/AP Econ
Brit Lit
AP Physics
Study Hall
AP Comp Sci AB
Spanish IV
AP Calc BC/AP Stats

(/ indicates semester long classes)
David John Gagne,
University of Oklahoma