Yale University HS Tournament - FACT: October 15, 2005

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Yale University HS Tournament - FACT: October 15, 2005

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Yale Quiz Bowl is pleased to announce the return of its Fall Academic
Tournament (FACT). FACT, which will take place on October 15, 2005, will
be an official National Academic Quiz Tournaments, LLC (NAQT) event.
This means that the tournament will use questions produced by NAQT
(Invitational Series #53A), and that it will also provide an opportunity
to qualify for the 2006 NAQT High School National Championship
Tournament, which will take place in Chicago from June 2-4, 2006. This
tournament will follow official NAQT rules, which can be found in
entirety at http://www.naqt.com/rules.html, with the exception that it
will feature untimed rounds.

In the past, FACT was only open to teams from Connecticut. Due to demand from other states, this year, the tournament will also be open to teams from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. However, Yale Quiz Bowl has only purchased geographic exclusivity for the statesof Connecticut and Rhode Island.

This means that NAQT will not allow another tournament hosted in either
Connecticut or Rhode Island to use Invitational Series #53A. However,
this set of questions may be used in tournaments hosted in other states,
including New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

This is the fee structure for the tournament:

Base fee: $75
Working buzzer system: -$10
Moderator: -$5
Nth team from a school: -$5*(N-1)
Minimum fee: $50

Please make checks payable to: Y. Student Academic Competition

For further information, contact either Andrew Uzzell ( [email protected] ) or Brett Lazer ( [email protected] )

Mike Wehrman, Yale

P.S. Yale's open HS tournament (BHSAT) will be held sometime this srping/late winter, (likely Feb. 18).