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Baltimore Finals

Post by Djibouti »

Kudos to Hammond - they are amazing. That picture round they dominated; Mr. Zaren barely got out two words on most and didn't get out any on one. We were watching their semifinal match against Calvert Hall on closed-circuit tv in the lobby before our match and their last round was stunning (230 points!).

There is no shame in losing to Hammond. For Perry Hall to make it to the Baltimore Final caps off an awesome year and great improvement, impossible without our coach Mr. Geibel and awesome team members, including Jon, James, and Ming.

Good luck to Hammond in the Superbowl - bring the title back home to Baltimore.
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Post by shylar »

Thanks for the comments. Perry Hall certainly came to play.

You're right about that visual round. I think they scored 7 of the 10. And the Georgia O'Keefe question was just ridiculously fast.

We're going to be practicing our butts off this week--should be an awesome superbowl.
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Richard Montgomery won the Washington final
the final score was something like RM:485 WJ:405 Gonzaga: 365

RM pulled away in the final round, erasing a 40 point deficit to win sizeably.

Personally I was dissapointed with my own team's effort as we were very slow. Considering that my team's strength lies in pyramidal questions and that my coach didn't put on our third best player on(we decide who goes on the TV show based on seniority), I was happy to make the finals.
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Post by Bugsy »

We also won the Super Bowl, 635-415-415. Charlottesville and Hammond tied for second. In the Washington area finals, we came back from sixty points down, winning by ninety points in the end.
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Post by bigtrain »

Congratulations to RM who played flawlessly in the last round to quickly catch up to us and eventually win by 90. Despite the fact that I feel the game could have gone either way between us and RM, RM definately deserved the win and I didn't mind coming in 2nd (although 1st would have been a lot better).
Richard Montgomery completely dominated in the superbowl. I wish RM, WJ and maybe Blake got to switch off every year in playing in either the Baltimore or Central Virginia area show :wink: .
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Post by shylar »

Unfortunately, Hammond just couldn't figure out a way to beat RM to the buzzer. Jeffrey and the Chris's made a good adjustment to Zahren in the Superbowl--I think they were thrown off a bit by him in the DC finals, and figured out his timing for our match. Chris' anticipation was simply inhuman.

The DC finals were extremely close, and I thought WJ was pulling it out. RM just figures out a way to win each time, and that what makes the great teams great.

By the way, before the grab bag round, the score was 475-405 Hammond - 385 (Charlottesville, I think).