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Comet Winter Clash @ Solon High School 2/18-19/17 NAQT/HFT

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:17 am
by pbergman
Comet Winter Clash VI
Solon High School will be hosting our annual four event, two day tournament on February 18-19 2017. We have renamed the event the Comet Winter Clash, but the basics (with one big change re: Middle School) remain the same!

Saturday February 18th will be our 14th annual NAQT tournament, run on Invitational Series 164. We will guarantee 10 matches for Varsity teams. Standard NAQT scoring, untimed 20 question matches. We will field a JV division if warranted.

After Saturday’s finals, we will play a free 3-5 round trash tournament, open to players, coaches, parents, adults, etc. We are house-writing this for 2017!

IMPORTANT CHANGE: Saturday will also be the date of the Middle School event run on NAQT MS 20. This event has been run on Sundays in years past, but this will be a Saturday event for 2017. 8 matches guaranteed.

Sunday February 19th will be our PACE format tournament, run on Harvard Fall Tournament 2016. We will guarantee 10 matches for Varsity teams. PACE scoring: 10 point tossups, 20 point powers, bonus bouncebacks, no negs

Fee Structure:
1st Team Saturday: $70.00
2nd Team Saturday: $60.00
Additional teams: $50.00
Saturday Buzzer Discount: $5.00 each, 2 max per team
Saturday Experienced Reader Discount: $10.00 each (please supply reader’s name; this discount is subject to approval)
1st time NAQT Discount: $25.00 (confirmed at
Saturday MS: $50.00
Saturday MS: $5.00 buzzer, $5.00 reader (because of lower fee structure)
Sunday HFT: $50.00
Sunday Buzzer Discount: $5.00 each, 2 max
Sunday Reader Discount: $5.00 each

In order to register: Please email me with the event(s) you will be attending, the number of teams, and any applicable buzzer/reader discounts. Please use the attached invoice as required for your treasurer.

Weekend Schedule (approximate):
Saturday February 18th
NAQT 164 8-4
NAQT MS 20 8-4
Solon Trash II 4:30-6

Sunday February 19th
Harvard Fall 2016 8-4

Saturday Schedule:
Check-in: 7:45-8:30 AM
Welcome Meeting: 8:30 AM
Readers’ Meeting: 8:45 AM
Round 1 begins: 9:00 AM
Lunch after Rd. 5
Play should end by 4:00 PM (with the exception of any finals matches)
Trash app. 4:30-6

Lunch will be available for purchase both days.

We hope to see you in February!!

please email me at peterbergman{AT}solonboe{DOT}org to register!

Re: Comet Winter Clash @ Solon High School 2/18-19/17 NAQT/H

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:38 pm
by pbergman
Field Update

NAQT 164 Saturday
Northmont 1
Sidney 1
Riverside 1
University School 1V/1JV

MS 20 Saturday
Northmont 1
Cleveland Heights 1

HFT 2016 Sunday
Northmont 1
Sidney 1
Solon 2