looking for a team-any suggestions?

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looking for a team-any suggestions?

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I'm one of the members of a high school Hi-Q team; we want to join a quizbowl tournament but we don't know where to start--does anyone have any suggestions?
We've looked up a lot of different quizbowls but they all seem to have hooks like, "you have to have won this other competition" etc etc...
We want something good that we can start out with. We'd like it to be local (we're located in Radnor, Pennsylvania, outside of Philadelphia) and challenging (but still based on general knowledge)
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Hey, sorry I didn't get to your email. I was out of town at the time and just got back.

I have a friend who plays quizbowl for Malvern (Great Valley) that was asking similar questions. Within an hour, your best shots are tournaments at Princeton (November) and the University of Delaware (March) Farther afield, you might try Yale (February), State College HS, who holds one in April, or even Pittsburgh (UPitt and Carnegie Mellon October, November, February and March) or DC area (University of Maryland and various high school tournaments year-round) if you're adventurous.
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Blake High School, north of Washington DC, is hosting a tournament on Sept. 17. Silver Spring is about 2-1/2 hours from King of Prussia. The finals will be done before 3 p.m. Any questions, please e-mail:

[email protected]
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if you are right outside of philly, you should contact bill tressler ([email protected]) (stat 74 on this site)
hes our coach at the Charter School of Wilmington. we have something called the charter open that we host. last year, richard montgomery came, so theres definitely good competition. the tentative date is on NAQT's website, i think. thats the format we use. the Blue Hen (UD) tournament is a good tournament as well.