2014-15 High School Pre-Season Poll

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2014-15 High School Pre-Season Poll

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Cross-post from Misc. High School. I've only got 2 votes in so far, so please vote so you can have your voice heard!
It is my pleasure to announce the preseason poll for the High School 2014-2015 season. I have set up a gmail account for votes - [email protected].

Please submit your top 25 to [email protected] by Friday, September 5th, as I plan to compile the rankings that night and publish here by Saturday, September 6th, along with some metrics about the rankings. This gives you a little over 2 weeks to put together a ranking.

Please do not post your top-25 here. At the conclusion of the poll, I will post each top 25 on a spreadsheet and post the link here. If you wish to remain anonymous, please indicate so in your top-25 list.

Feel free to vote for B and even C teams where appropriate. If your ranking is very different from the other rankings, I'll send you an email asking you to either justify your ranking or re-submit. Additionally, if you wish to change your ranking before September 5th, please indicate your changes (either quick summary i.e. insert Team A at #5 and move everyone down 1, or a full new ranking) in a reply to your original message. I will send a reply indicating that both your top-25 and any corrections I receive. If I don't reply within 48 hours, assume I didn't get your first message.

Here's to a great season!

Please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] with any questions you may have regarding the poll.


I'm a high school player - can I vote?

Of course! Just be wary about giving too much preference to your geographic region.

Can I submit just a top 10?

Unfortunately, no. I am looking for top 25s. If each individual were to rank different amounts of teams, then many of the metrics I plan to use would not work out well, additionally, this will give a significant, unfair boost to your top 10.
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